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Dec 11, 2007 07:23 AM

L.A. - Update, Please!

Looking for a really current update on the L.A. kosher food scene, to prepare our "eating itinerary" :) for an upcoming trip. (I've read the Best Kosher in Los Angeles thread)

We're considering Shilo's, Bistro Baguette Cafe, Tierra Sur in Oxnard, A Cow Jumped Over the Moon, and possible return trips (We were there in 2005) to: Pat's, Delice (for brunch and nosh), Jeff's, Coffee Bean/Tea Leaf, and Milk and Honey.

We've pretty much eliminated La Gondola, and Milky Way (didn't like them last time around), and Prime Grill (based on some lousy reviews on this board).

Can anyone share updated comments on any of these (pro and con), and add other suggestions with reliable hashgochos, anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area (within driving/touring distance - from Pizza Shop and snack places, to upscale. Is there anything in downtown L.A.? Near any touristy attractions? In the Farmer's Market/Grove? ...
Also, any take-out suggestions for Shabbos.

Thanks very much!

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  1. Have you had breakfast at Elite?

    Also give Shula and Esther a try.
    And the Fish Grill.

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      IF you keep glatt, you should know that Shula & Esther is not. Also, it had a "B" health rating last time I looked. The food there is supposed to be very good, though. And the Fish Grill is quality at a low price- what more can you ask for?

    2. I was there 6 weeks ago and went to the following:

      Shanghai DIamond Garden - it was good but I have better kosher chinese food

      Prime Grill - I am sorry you have scratched it off your list - I went and had a phenomenal meal, prompt and cuteaous service - had the slider appetizer excellent and the balck angus rib steak - cooked to perfection -

      Pats - one of my favorites in LA - like Prime Grill excellent service and great food - had the rib eye - excellent -

      Jeff;s Gourmet Sausage - had heard many excellent things about this place finally went and LOVED it - even brought suasages home - loved the veal bratwirst -

      Also check out some of the up comments are up to date -

      1. BS"D

        Magic Carpet on Pico has been getting good play lately on Chowhound, in the LA board. I haven't eaten there, but a lot of the people posting are obviously not worried about kosher, and only interested in good food, so that's a good start in my book. It's Yemenite cuisine, evidently, and is supposed to be excellent.

        1. Magic Carpet
          Bistro baguette
          Jeffs (can be very crowded at lunch)
          In downtown there is a pizza and Moroccan place I read about in the LA Times but I forgot its name and have never been.
          Nagila Pizza

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            The place downtown is called Bar-b-kosher. It's not a barbecue joint, just another Israeli-type grill. Still, it's supposed to be better than some.

            1. re: ganeden

              How are plans for your place coming?

              1. re: jlq3d3


                Coming along. I've come to the conclusion I can't please everyone as far as location. I expect to have a location by Dec 31, at least in escrow. I have the smoker (good for 600 lbs at a time) hooked up at home, and I'm experimenting with different meats and methods (for last Shabbos I made 2 briskets, 2 ducks and a veal roast- all I know now is that I won't do duck, because the kosher ducks have no meat. For the previous Shabbos I did a few chickens and a couple of chuck roasts). I have exciting options for take-out and catering locations, which initially may be the better way to go than a full seating restaurant. So all in all, things are coming along. It's fun, and Shabbos and Chanukah guests, at least, have responded quite positively.

          2. Hi!
            Hope you don't mind me bumping this up again to get the most current feedback.
            Aside from your up-to-date answers to my original questions above, I would also really appreciate hearing your recommendations of favorite menu items (appetizers through desserts) at any of the restaurants you suggest.
            Thank you again, so much!

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            1. re: Bzdhkap

              Just to add a new place to the list, I strongly reccomend Mamash. asian fusion opened for about 6 weeks or so. I compare it to a Sushi Metsuyan, but 10 times better. I would suggest trying any of the sushi rolls.

              1. re: JS69

                Thanks! I just saw it mentioned on the L.A. Board, and was about to ask for details here. I'm afraid we're not into sushi, though. Any recommendations at Mamash other than sushi?

                1. re: Bzdhkap

                  I agree that you should check Mamash out. The food is excellent and there are a lot of choices other than sushi. I've been there a few times now and have had the rib eye, indian crusted tuna, lamb shank and several of their appetizers. All have been good.

              2. re: Bzdhkap

                since you mentioned the grove, there is a hotdog stand in the mall area near the movie theaters that is kosher. they sell veggie dogs and sausage sandwiches too.
                in the snack/pizza category, a block south on fairfax is pizza world, which is locally known for its creamy salad dressing. they also have tasty, if not the most authentic, vegetarian mexican food. the pizza is not bad but i prefer pizza mayven for that, which is on la brea off of beverly.

                in west hollywood there is also real food daily which is totally vegan. the one in santa monica is not kosher however.

                coffee beans don't serve meal-type food anymore. just bagels, pastries, and the like.