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Dec 11, 2007 07:06 AM

beer noob tried Ommegang

so... from the last thread someone said..try Ommegang.. before I got the chance to order some online my husband and I went to a friend's house. He is always trying new beers because the only one he likes is Guiness and he's always trying to find new ones. Well he found Ommegang at the local supermarket and decided to try it. I saw it and got really excited!
He had it in the fridge and I said that it needed to be cool, not cold. So, we let it sit with us through dinner and dessert until game time. (We play board games....Catan, heroscape, trilogy, etc.)
We poured some out between us all. When I first smelled it, it reminded me of something fruity. Not a super sweet fruit, but a deep fruit.. It was very aromatic. I smelled it and knew this was going to be good, and it smells like it has a big bite. So, I took my first swallow. It doesn't taste as fruity as it smells. It is a very hearty taste to it. It is in my opinion very smooth. It did have a slight sweet taste and then a kick. It is really good beer. I will definitely be trying the other kinds! I enjoyed every last drop of it. My friend, he said it was good, but wasn't changed by it. But, I loved it. My husband enjoyed it too.

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  1. ommegang makes a few different beers. i'd assume this was either the hennepin or (more likely)the witte?

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      1. re: tdiprincess

        "ommegang makes a few different beers."

        look at the 5 different bottles and see if it was one of those.

        1. re: TBird

          While I am a beer noob...maybe you should take a look at the pictures and pick out which one it is... Ommegang is also the first beer they made!

          1. re: tdiprincess

            That one is generally called their Abbey Ale to differentiate from the other offerings. Stylewise I think it is a Belgian Dubbel. I enjoy their whole lineup, especially their Hennepin which is a Saison and the Ommegeddon their Wild Ale.

            1. re: MVNYC

              That comment I can respect. Thank you for explaining.

              1. re: tdiprincess

                no problem, give those others a try. The Ommegeddon is fairly adventurous as far as tastes go.

                They have a Chocolate Stout that I have not tried yet as well.

                Just to let you know, the path down the good beer road is great but it can quickly turn into an obsession. Cheers and welcome to the fold.

                By the way, I am not sure where you live but you can search for beer bars andn stores around you here:


                I have found some great places using that. If you go to a bar with a good selection, it is a good way to try out different styles and beers

                1. re: MVNYC

                  The chocolate stout is very good. Definitely worth a go.

          2. re: TBird

            If someone says "Ommegang" generically, it is pretty obvious which one they mean (Hint: It is the Abbey Ale)

            For the OP: As you've now discovered, they make a few different varieties. Hard to say which way you should go from the basic brew, just guestimating from the way you described what you liked, you might want to try the Three Philosophers.

            Scanning down the other replies, someone mentioned both the chocolate stout & Ommegeddon. The latter is good, but probably out of your wheelhouse. For the Guiness lover particularly, the chocolate stout is a good bet - I don't generally care for stouts and really liked this one (which, now that I think of it, isn't necessarily a ringing endorsement for someone that loves Guiness).

      2. Oh. When I saw the title I thought you were talking about the festival. In addition to being a beer, Ommegang is a huge festival every summer in Brussels that has something to do with a statue of the virgin Mary. But in practical terms it's lost of people dressing up in Rennaissance garb and having a parade, at the end of which are two horse-drawn carts bearing massive barrels of beer, the contents of which is passed out to spectators. Highly recommended.

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        1. re: mordacity

          Which is what Ommegang is named for... that does sound like fun too!

        2. :) I saw your other post; and now this. If you like Ommegang's Abbey Ale (which I think is belgian double/dubel?), then definitely try trappist ales (Belgian beer made by monks). Chimay is the best known and is probably a good/netural place to start. Watch out for the high price tags though (just think of it as you're making a donation for a good cause if that makes you feel better). :)

          Also Victory Golden Monkey (from PA) is my favorite Belgian-style trippel made in the US.
          Unibroue La Fin du Monde (Quebec, Canada), another Belgian-style trippel, is also very very good.

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            1. re: tdiprincess

              In the vein of belgian style stuff that's (relatively) local, you might want to look at some of Allagash's beers.

              1. re: tdiprincess

                My husband is a Belgian beer junkie and loves the "Abbey Style" Ommegang (in the brown bottle) because it's the closest a domestic beer comes to a true Belgian. His favorite Belgian is Chimay Blue label, but it is much more expensive. He would agree with the earlier comment about Canada's Unibroue La Fin du Monde, also a Belgian style but substanstially cheaper. FYI, we visited the Ommegang brewery in Cooperstown when we were there this past summer. If you ever want to make the pilgrimage, it is a great tour and they give lots of samples :)

                1. re: jcoz23

                  I've been meaning to do the Ommegang/Baseball HOF duet for a while.

                  I love chimay blue, but as you noted, it often comes at a much higher premium. Ommegang is a great bang for the buck.

                  1. re: jgg13

                    its funny there's people selling the Chocolate stout on ebay and if people would just got the website...they could get it cheaper.

                    1. re: tdiprincess

                      Not that unusual on eBay for lots of different items (many books on eBay go for more than the prices of used book dealers on ABE, f'r'instance), tho' in this case Ommegang, by law, can only ship to NY state addresses after recieving photocopies of NY drivers licenses, according to their website:


                      1. re: JessKidden

                        Heh, I live in MA where people can't ship me beer no matter what :(

                        There's a local beer bar here which has it available though.

                        1. re: jgg13

                          I'm glad i live in NY. I'll be ordering some soon. It is really good stuff.

                    2. re: jgg13

                      Has everyone seen the holiday packs from Ommegang?

                      They are tremendous. Bought 2 as a gift already (for myself). What a great deal @ Wegmans. $20 for 750mls of chocolate, witte, hennepin and three phils. You cant beat that deal- and they throw in a really cool goblet with it.

                      I hope I get myself a couple more to put under the tree.

                      1. re: yankeefan

                        Hmm...I'm going to keep that in mind. I liked the Ommegang. I'll be getting that gift pack too. Thanks, so where are you located that you have Wegmans?

                        1. re: tdiprincess

                          NJ, we have several. great prices and selection on beer.

                          1. re: yankeefan

                            "(Wegman's) great prices and selection on beer."

                            Ah, I don't agree. Selection, while good, seems pretty static, save for seasonals and one-offs. The ones I frequent (Manalapan and Lawrenceville) seem to have terrible turnover for a lot of beers - lots of old "Youngs" and other cloudy imports and I swear some of the craft sixpacks (Brooklyn and Long Trail are two that come to mind) sitting in those stupid open coolers they have have been there since day 1. Stuck way in the back, never ANY employees around (and up at the register, they're clueless), the beer just seems an after-thought once they stocked the place. I wonder if, as is common in the supermarket industry, the distributors do the stocking for them.

                            And prices? I'd say they're "average" and, contrary to what most every other NJ beer retailer does, they give no case discount on beer (warm or cold). I remember spotting Troegs Nugget Nectar first there one year (priced at $10 a sixpack) and the case (of which they had around 6 stacked warm on the floor) was the same price- $40. Drove to Joe Canal's and picked up a case for around $32- that's a big chunk of change.

                            Do I buy there? Yeah, on occassion - but it's definitely "buyer beware". (Granted, that's true of every beer retailer- even the best.)

                            1. re: JessKidden

                              i agree that wegman's is def. not the best place to go for the best price or the best beers. Sometimes you get a good deal, you just have to look... I didn't know they had wegman's in NJ...

                              1. re: tdiprincess

                                In NJ, where the beer retailing laws are quite different than New York state, the Wegman's that sell beer have an attached, but separate liquor store (liquor stores in NJ, not grocery stores, sell beer), with it's own registers, etc., so the beer selection is larger than one finds in the typical NY grocery store. I've only been in one Wegman's in NY, in Ithaca, and can't really remember the beer aisle (but, hey, I *know* I had to have checked it out -g-, so if I don't recall it, that sure implies to me that I wasn't impressed) so can't accurately compare the two selections.

                                (I actually thought I'd deleted my reply, because I didn't want to hijack the thread with my love/hate relationship with Wegman's. For the most part, after a few visits, it totally lost it's appeal to me. Altho' it's still my "go to" source for Grandma Brown's Beans, Cel-Ray and their store brand Grapefruit soda pops [tho' seems they've dropped the latter, in NJ at least].)

                                1. re: JessKidden

                                  the weg's by us has a beer cooler..and aisle. You can walk into the cooler and look around. The Ommegang beer's are located on a dusty shelf in the corner and are perpetually on sale for $5 a bottle. Its a very good beer. Although, you can't get every type they offer. And there was no gift pack in our store. I'm sure Ommegang is not one of the most popular for Weg's....
                                  PA is the same way with beer. We went into a grocery store once and asked where their beer aisle was and they said we'd have to go to a liquor store...

                                  1. re: JessKidden

                                    The only Wegmans I have been to is in Ithaca as well. I went to college in Ithaca, and everyone is love with the Wegmans there. Their beer cooler amazed me, b/c I'd never seen anything like it in a grocery store before! And of course the best part is that they carry beers from the Ithaca Beer Company...including Ithaca Apricot Wheat, my favorite beer!

                2. Try the same brewery's Hennepin, it's a great saison.

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                    1. re: Kenji

                      Yes, I think Hennepin is the next step, it's really good. Personally I like the Abbey Ale better than Three Philosophers, which isn't as successful, I think, not complex enough as a quadrupel. The Rare Vos is great, too.

                      1. re: kenito799

                        Three Philosophers paired with a chocolate desert is an awesome combination.

                        1. re: brentk

                          i'll keep that in mind with the philosophers...