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Dec 11, 2007 06:54 AM

sushi in birmingham?

i have searched for a thread specifically about sushi in Bham...but didn't find one. Maybe I've missed it. Anyhow, I was in Bham this weekend and really wanted sushi. I wasn't sure where to try...so we skipped it and went to Cocina Superior (great margarita and eh food). I have seen Jinsei (spelling?) over at Soho...but that's about it. I'm not interested in Surin - been there and its only okay...both in Birmingham and Atlanta. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I've only been to Sekisuionce with a sushi-loving friend and thought it was pretty good but then again, I do not eat sushi a whole lot. She really likes the handrolls, specifically the scallop roll. I thought the tempura was just ehhh.

    Some threads here suggest that Jinsei is the best of the bunch.

    1. Jinsei is hands-down the best. They also have a pretty good selection of Champagne, which is the perfect accompaniment to sushi.

      1. Two excellent choices for sushi here, and several OK ones:

        Excellent: The aforementioned Jinsei. Great sushi from a great sushi chef.
        Also Kimono on U.S. 280 past Greystone. It's my favorite in town and one of the places where the Japanese people go to eat authentic food (cooked and uncooked).
        Both Kimono and Jinsei do omakase, in which you leave the selection for your meal in the chef's hands. Also at Kimono I've said I want to dine as a Japanese person would and was treated to some unbelievable (and for some, challenging) food. Who knew that the stinky fermented soy paste, Natto, was so good?

        Sekisui was good when it opened, but after the above two opened, I haven't been back. The various Thai places that do sushi -- all the Surins and Taste of Thailand -- do credible sushi.

        I haven't been very impressed with the teppanyaki places that also do sushi: Stix (yuk), etc.

        I haven't tried the sushi at Ginza, the Korean/sushi place on Valleydale Road near U.S. 280, but it's gotten good reviews from various posters.

        Hope that helps.

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          It does help. Thanks.

          I love omakase...so its nice to know that is an option there. Do either Kimono or Jinsei have a website? I can't find one for either place.

          Thanks again.

          - t*

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            Jinsei's web site has been "coming soon" for more than a year: jinseisushi.com

            It does not appear that Kimono has a web site.

        2. I have eaten sushi at Sekisui and did not like the it that much because the chef really likes to put mayonnaise in the maki sushi. I don't like mayo on anything.

          My favorite place is Ginza, and I don't live anywhere near it, but will drive in 280 traffic to eat there. This is the first sushi restaurant in B'ham that has ever served eel correctly, to my knowledge. It is not supposed to be served cold/refrigerated. Ginza serves eel in maki/nigiri somewhat warm, and it practically melts in your mouth. Ginza has a nice selection of maki - a bit more creative than usual. I also enjoyed their tuna sashimi.

          I haven't tried Jinsei because I heard it wasn't good. Now I am hearing that it is good? How are the prices?

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            Whoever told you Jinsei wasn't good drank too much bad hot sake.

            It's great, perheps the best in town. I prefer Kimono on US 280, because the sushi there is stellar, the chef's omakase is creative and their Japanese food is spot on. But I would gladly eat sushi at Jinsei any time.

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              Any Birmingham sushi updates?

              I've heard rumblings that the original sushi chef at Jensei is no longer there and that quality has gone down in recent months. Does anyone have any info to share?

              1. re: eatyourveggies1

                I think I heard that the original sushi chef at Jensei left as well, but as of my last visit (a month ago), it was still excellent and perhaps the best in town. I love it, but not just for the sushi. The tempura green beans and kodoma (sp?) tuna app with the jalapenos are both amazing, plus the miso black cod is a sweet yet light dish that I could eat about daily.

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                  Sumo in Hoover is decent. I'll hit Kobe on 280 at 459 for lunch once in a while. Tuna there is good quality.

                  I order from Surin on 280 once and they let my plate sit under a heating lamp. LOL. Horrible. Will not go back.

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                    Had a great meal at Jinsei over the weekend. Quality of sushi was excellent. Had the Jinsei roll, the spider roll, and a special which was albacore on top, (spicy?) tuna on the inside. Also shared the Chilean sea bass in a wonderful black bean broth. Just wished the fish had been served with some bok choy or other type of vegetable. It looked so lonely with no accompaniments.