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Happy F*&@$*# Holidays, Love Tony

So how did Anthony Bourdain go from junkie/chef to star chef to author to food/travel guy to general satirist on society? I don't know, but all I can say is THANK YOU! Who saw Bourdain's Holiday Special? Brilliant! I especially love his expose on humane foie gras, good on ya. And (since I'm an MSPer), loved the comment about eating the duck testicles. "Okay, here's the obligatory testicles-eating scene. How bizarre. How bizarre. I think I'll just shave my head and make a career of it." And I love the cooking in the kitchen segment. Not quite Rachel Ray, but I don't think Rachel usually has an open bottle of Heineken on her countertop. Go Tony!

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  1. I was skeptical at first, but in the end I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to see him actually cook--educational AND entertaining! If he had a 30 minute cooking show that was just like that in tone and execution, I'd totally watch. Loved the niece and nephew, and Queens of the Stone Age too.

    1. Didn't he go from Junkie Chef to Author then to TV?? He also wrote a mystery novel about a junkie/chef. I guess the he knew what he was talking about.

      I also saw and enjoyed the show - loved the niece & nephew!

      1. I saw promos for it and planned to DVD it and didn't. I hope they replay is soon, as I love Tony's attitude, and would give anything to be his travel companion on "No Reservations".

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          I wanted to update my post after I watched it last night.

          I thought it was hilarious with Tony's typical sarcastic remarks, the goth niece, the nephew with the foul mouth, the overly loud band, plus the mandatory caustic reference to Sandra Lee's tables-capes.

          Tony filmed my dream Christmas.

          BTW, I thought Tony was married.

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            I know he has a new baby and a "life partner." Can't remember if status is wife or girlfriend.

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              According to wikipedia (so it must be true ;-) they got married shortly after the baby was born. She's a second wife, if you're reading his books randomly out of order like I am.

        2. Sorry I missed it, I'm a big Bourdain fan. What Chanel was it on? Was that the actual title? I'm checking for reruns on my Tivo as soon as I get home.

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            Travel Channel. It's on again Thursday at 9 Central

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              According to the TC website, it repeats on Monday at noon. Not Thursday at 10ET.


          2. jenny, was this on the Travel channel on Monday night in place of No Reservations? Would love to see it!

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              Yes, it aired at 10 p.m. EST last night on the Travel Channel.

            2. Hopefully I can catch a rerun. Did they show him curling and if so, how did that fit in to all this?

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                Hilarious. His cameraman that destroyed the restaurant in [insert SE Asian country here 'cuz I can't remember] apparently has a good sense of balance and accuracy in other areas. He's a curler so he took Tony along to his "league."

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                  Cute. Can't wait to see it.

                  Fun fact - the segment was filmed in September on a hockey rink (not great for curling) - curling in the northeast generally runs from October through March.

              2. Looks like it's on again Wed (12/12) at 11pm and Mon (12/17) at noon.

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                  Thank you! My SO supposedly set it to be recorded last night at 10 (Pacific time) but it isn't there. (Either it was on at 11 or my SO can't use the DVD recorder.) You may have saved our relationship.

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                    Check yer local listings -- I don't know how the times map across time zones, or rather, how the Travel Channel plans their lineup across time zones. (I'm East Coast.) But at least that's something to start with ;-)

                2. I was hoping to see more of "his family". Loved the foie gras piece as well...and his new appreciation for veggies. He is gaining weight..he had a tummy and a butt!

                  I don't mind adults saying F#&k, but I have an issue with kids using it. That part sorta bugged me. I know..the kid probably didn't say it..it was bleeped and all..but it still seemed too bizarre almost...if that is possible where Tony is concerned.

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                    I liked where he promised to take the kids out for tattoos if they finished making their decorations with the glue guns. Kids were clearly told to act to the extreme, but FUNNY!

                    Maybe the fact that he's stopped smoking explains why there's "a little more Tony" these days.

                  2. > Not quite Rachel Ray, but I don't think Rachel usually has an open bottle of Heineken on her countertop.

                    No, most likely it would be a decent microbrew instead of an industrially produced lager ;-) Tony may have great tastes when it comes to food, but his taste in beer is surprising to me - I guess even the most adventurous food hounds tend play it safe when it comes to beer.

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                      heineken is good, too -- even if "industrially produced." microbrews are good, too, even if "artisanally produced." ;-) (and you know how artists can be!)

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                        When we moved to St. Louis we went out to eat and I asked the waitress if they had any local beers. She looked puzzled for a moment and said, "Well, we have Bud".

                        Of course she was right...

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                          rachel would have some 30 minute cocktail with boiled fruit and grain alcohol.

                        2. I enjoyed the show.

                          Maybe I am too conservative, but I was kind of turned off by the kid's cussing. I know it's supposed to be funny and I get the bit of satire, but seriously. It was really lame.

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                            After watching this and then last night's Kitchen Nightmares, I kind of think that all the bleeping was intended to be an elbow in Gordon Ramsay's ribs. Tony cranks on everyone else; why not Ramsay?

                            1. re: Fydeaux

                              Ha. I didn't see it like that, I guess.