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Dec 11, 2007 06:19 AM

Iron Horse in Pleasantville, ny Anyone?

Has anyone dined at Iron Horse in Pleasantville, NY? I would love to hear about any experiences there and also about the food. Many thanks.

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  1. In my opinion one of the best restaurants in Westchester, reservations are a must

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      Agreed. Always an enjoyable experience!

    2. I've eaten at Iron Horse a few times, first in 2000, most recently about 1 year ago, and enjoyed those visits every time. Dishes I've liked are crabmeat w/corn & caviar, scallops, roast hen, rack of lamb, apple galette, and chocolate marquis. (Of course, over time things change, so I have no idea if those things are currently on the menu.) Although I liked it, my wife didn't care for the duck, and we agreed that the strawberry shortcake was just OK. Reservations are definitely necessary at all times; on a Tuesday in June of 2004, it was jammed full by 8PM.

      1. Been going here for years. Never a bad meal. Weeknights are quieter than weekends. Reasonably priced. Figure $125 a couple depending on what you order. Wine list is reasonable and well thought out.

        Considering that some poeple pay that type of money and more at the ho-hum Legal Seafood or McManimins Grill, I'd say The Iron Horse Grill won't disappoint. The dining room is an intimate setting.

        1. I like Iron Horse but the menu doesn't seem to change much. Not that this is a bad thing since there are some things on the menu that I really enjoy eating. I like their priced fixed 3 course meal for $47 or so. I can definitely second (or third) the need for a reservation. I find if we try to call a week or two away we get put on the wait list, and of course they never call.

          1. Thanks very much for all your replies. It sounds like we are in for a delicious dining one that I talked to had a negative thing to say about the Iron Horse. It is especially wonderful that we will be part of a small group, one of the party is a friend's husband who will be hosting a birthday dinner (tab on him) for his wife. YUM!

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              Hopefully you'll be in the small room that used to be the waiting room. It's very nice in there. I've hosted a couple of business dinners in there.

              Feel free to contact me if anyone cancels out and your friend needs extra people :-).

              PS park in the station parking lot in back of the restaurant and just walk over the tracks to get there. It's easier than finding parking on the street.

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                Thanks for the parking tip MisterBill2. We are having dinner there tonight (Sat) so I think parking in the station lot should be OK. I've been reading their winter menu on line and I'm just so impressed. We are going to be in a private room so I assume it is the waiting room you mentioned. Many thanks.

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                    MisterBill2...sorry for not reporting on the experience. I was very glad we were in the private room as I remember thinking when we entered the restaurant initially that it was a little noisey and not very impressive. But our table was beautifully decorated at the expense of our host so it added to the ambiance. The food was wonderful. I had the sear diver scallops for appetz (delicious) and my husband had the ny state foie gras (he said it was "different"). We both had one of the specials of the evening which was Artic Char. It was so mild and flavorful that I almost didn't think it was salmon. Dessert was also a "special". Very delicious and light chocolate layered creation with vanilla ice cream. All in all, a delicious...sorry to keep using this word... and very lovely plated meal. We would go again at our own expense.