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Dec 11, 2007 06:16 AM

Per Se lunch vs Per Se dinner?


I am going to be going to Per Se for lunch on a Friday and wonder how it compares with dinner. As I understand it, the menus are the same for lunch and dinner (perhaps not the exact food but the choice - i.e. 5 course and 9 course tasting meals).

Having said that, it occurs to me that there will be some differences that I am curious to get feedback on:

1) Are the servers and kitchen staff of the same quality as the evening? Is there any sense one is dealing with the B team?

2) Related to 1) - is the actual food of the same quality for lunch as it is at night?

3) As well, wondering if I arrive for 1:30 pm and choose the 9 course tasting meal is there any chance I will be rushed along towards the end as they get ready for dinner?

4) How does Per Se lunch compare to dinner at Jean Georges or Daniel?

5) Does anyone know if there is a standard charge for wine pairings at Per Se or a standard range?

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  1. We have not been to Per Se. However, one thing I know is there is no 5-course menu. At both lunch and dinner, there are only two nine-course prix-fixes: chef's tasting or vegetable tasting.

    As for rushing you out, I know someone who went to Per Se for lunch, and he and his wife told me that was definitely not the case. In fact, one of their "complaints" was that they felt the meal took way too long.

    1. I've been to both lunch and dinner. RGR is correct they are the exact same menu. My wife and I like lunch better. You have more time to digest the meal. One time lunch was shorter then dinner, the other longer. Plan on 3-4 hrs. That being said I had a epic wine lunch in the private dinning room that was 81/2 hrs!!!

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        I just looked at the website and it turns out that they have a 5 course lunch. Has anyone been for the 5 course lunch?

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          They just added the 5 course lunch, after they raised prices to $275pp.

          I don't know anyone who has tried it yet.. My opinion is if your going to Perse go all out, get the 9 course. Even better go for the extended menu! I'm a glutton!!!

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            We haven't been to Per Se. But as I see it, the 5-course lunch is $175 -- not exactly inexpensive -- so unless you cannot do a longer lunch or your wallet cannot take the additional hit, the 9-course menu is $100 more, which in the scheme of things at Per Se, seems like a better way to go, especially if this might be the only opportunity you'll have to go there.

        2. I am hoping to write a longer review soon but let me just say the 9 course tasting menu along with 5 or 6 amouche bouche/extra dessert type stuff) was the most incredible food experience I have had in my life. We ended up spending a grand total of $920 after wine and drinks. We do well but are far from rich (neither of us make 6 figures).

          We have absolutely no regrets about the cost of the meal it was worth it and highly enjoyable. We had a pleasant walk through the park up to the Metropolitan museum and then spent 2-3 hours there.

          A wonderful day in New York.

          1. 1. There is no B team.
            2. Ditto
            3. You will not be rushed. Actually, I shouldn't say that, maybe you want to stay 6 hours.
            If you are there for 3(enough, for sure) or 4, no.
            4. It compares to Per Se dinner, except I have seen, at least sometimes, a few dishes are not available at lunch. Do not let that deter you in any way. They are unnecessary.
            5. You can do the pairing, I cannot say the charge, given that the menu price just got raised.

            In general, there used to be a 5 and 9 course menu at lunch when it first opened. They were the same price. You could mix them at the table as we did. It wound up that myself and the other party who got the 5 course, received some of the dishes that were additionally on the 9 course, anyhow. Now, if they are differently priced, I would not assume such generosity.
            Also, they used to have a nice selection of bottles that were VERY reasonably priced. Surprisingly, so, actually. That end seems gone, now, unfortunately.
            Hope it is as top notch as it should be for you.


            1. Having eaten lunch at The French Laundry and dinner at Per Se, let me say you will definitely not be rushed. They do not do a "second seating," but merely stagger their reservations over the course of the divine degustation. Plan on 3-4 hours. For the wine pairing, we opted for that on both occasions but settled into keeping with the one we liked best rather than try something new. Glad medicinejar you were able to get to the park afterwords - we ended having to have to take a nap after our FL experience!