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Dec 11, 2007 06:03 AM

Triangle: Pam's Farmhouse v. Big Ed's - which is better for lunch?

So after initial skepticism, I've really taken a liking to Pam's Farmhouse for a very reasonable "meat-and-three" country cooking place for lunch. In fact, it's the best I've found in the immediate area (beats the pants off of Bullocks, etc.). I especially like Pam's veggie options (good collards, fried okra, yams) and banana pudding.

However, I've never been to Big Ed's near downtown Raleigh, which some people swear by. My work is closer to Pam's, so I'm just wondering if Big Ed's is better, and if so, is it significant enough to justify the longer drive?

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  1. My personal preference is Big Ed's (which IS downtown) although I have breakfast there more than lunch. If it's a longer drive for you to Big Ed's, then just check it out on a Saturday.

    1. Well, I have never been to Pam's, but I have had lunch a couple times at Big Ed's and it is not my favorite. The veggies are just TOOO overcooked, the banana pudding is a mush, rather than a "sum of parts", etc. etc. I just don't get the draw. I think they do a good breakfast, but am not a fan of their lunch.