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Dec 11, 2007 06:01 AM

a question about cookbook author ruth levy berenbaum

did she do a book totally devoted to christmas cookies??

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  1. Yes. It's called "Roses's Christmas Cookies." I love the book, although someone recently called it old-fashioned because there was too much of an emphasis on chocolate. That's not a problem in my life. I've made at least a third of the cookies in the book and every single one has been a winner.

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    1. re: JoanN

      That would be me ;)

      It's a very good cookbook. My complaint was that a very high porportion of recipes called for chocolates. Some are indeed chocolaty cookies, while in others the chocolate glaze dribbled over the cookie or the bits of chopped chocolates dropped in the batter seemed unnecessary (and so very 1980s-then again, the book was publised in the 1980s).

      You won't go wrong with her recipes, but if the OP is looking for a cookie cookbook, I also heartily recommend Carol Walter's Great Cookies.

      1. re: Roland Parker

        Oddly enough, the recipes I make most often--the rugelach, the biscotti, and Rose's Crescents--don't have any chocolate in them. But I take--and took--your point. I've ordered the Walter book from the library.

      2. re: JoanN

        I love her recipe for a butter cookie with three different ground nuts. I can't recall what she named that one, but it's really good. I remember that when I first bought that cookbook in college, I made many recipes the weekend after finals and assembled cookie boxes for my favorite professors and my roommates. They were a huge hit! Some people took them home on holiday vacation and shared and others reported they ate every cookie themselves.

      3. well. for starters, her name is "ROSE!"

        Both her Christmas Cookie book and Carole Walter's Great Cookies are excellent books. They're different. Neither one trumps the other.