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Dec 11, 2007 04:12 AM

Sel de la Terre - advice

Please tell me your impressions of this restaurant. Touristy or worth going to? If this is a place to visit, what are some of the suggested dishes? Thanks, as always.

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  1. I went there for a birthday dinner and loved it to pieces--service was warm and friendly (and still highly professional), food was abolutely terrific and the atmosphere great.
    There were 7 of us and we shared quite a bit and just loved the food from the bread to start right through dessert!!

    My own picks were the charcuterie with pheasant pate and duck liver mousse as a first course and the rack of lamb for the main--both superb. I'm getting hungy just recalling it--even at 8:30 am!

    I remember enjoying the background music to boot!!

    Do go!

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      We go failrly often and I take my parents when they are in town for the Brunch on Sundays. I have never been disappointed. If you enjoy french fries from time to time their are quite good. Crispy and flavored with a bit of rosmary. The waitstaff are quite friendly and efficient without being intrusive and they make a good Bloody Mary.

      We will sometimes go after work for their lighter bar menu and a few drinks and have thoroughly enjoyed both.

    2. Restaurant is not Touristy but is in a good location right near the waterfront (might even consider it on the waterfront but with no view). Also very close to Quincy market and the North End.

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      1. re: Fort Point

        Thanks for the positive comments. Do you have appetizers or entrees to suggest? The desserts look great on the menu, but do they hold up? Has anyone tried their "dessert for two"?

        1. re: rockpile

          Was just there again last week; I remain a huge fan of SDLT. Agree that despite the location—and plenty of out-of-towners dining regularly—this is not a touristy restaurant.

          I second the charcuterie plate rec; always changing, always good. Both the diver scallop and crab cake appetizers are staples for me—nice first course portions of very carefully prepared seafood (crab cakes not too bready, and with a spicy remoulade on the side).

          I have a hard time not ordering the short rib entree in the colder months—just had it last week, and it was as good as ever: tender, meaty, and rich. One DC ordered the chicken and said it was fine, if unimpressive and a tad dry in places. Wife's duck breast entree was sublime. Steak frites is a ribeye here, which is not my favorite cut for this dish, but another DC ordered it and loved it. In the past, we've also found the salmon (Scottish, I think) to be very good.

          For desserts, cheese plate is always lovely and thoughtfully composed. There is also some sort of dessert sampler that is great for a group.

          1. re: garlic breath

            I'll second the short ribs--melting is the word for them. I less adventurous friend loved the salmon. Be sure to order a side of fries.

            At lunch time the make some great sandwiches. It's one of the few places where I'll order a sandwich.

            Remember they are nose-to-tail folks. They actually butcher meat and use the whole animal. That makes any of the cured meats a real treat.

          2. re: rockpile

            The desserts are great, I love the bete noir and turtle torte. The grand dessert is a good choice, as it includes a bit of everything on the dessert menu and usually has enough for three or four people, depending on how full you are.

            I've always had great food and great service here. And I (personally) am in love with their french fries.

            1. re: rockpile

              I love Sel de la Terre. We often have the balsamic braised shallots and garlic confit (a petit gouter) to spread on their wonderful bread. The baked goat cheese salad is a lovely starter. I often have chicken or salmon for entrees (haven't had the versions currently on the menu). For dessert we usually have a cheese course and ask the server for recommendations (they have an Epoisses to die for), but if we're in the mood for sweets, the tasting platter is a great idea (you don't have to make up your mind!).

          3. I'm not in love with their french fries, would prefer them without rosemary, but they are addictive!

            Their burgers are fantastic. I'm usually not a fan of the "fancy" burger (meaning it has blue cheese instead of american) but the one they make here is amazing

            1. Nice place. Great bar menu options.

              1. I took my sister there for her birthday and the food was delightful. I had the lobster salad, which must have had a whole family of lobsters in it for the amount of meat that I got. Super sweet flesh of the sea roach, yum! I also had the french toast (we went for brunch), which was AWESOME. I would say it is definitely worth going to.