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'50s looking diner in Toronto?

Just wondering -- any diners you can think of which have kept that original '50s look, with the long counters, and red seats, and good wholesome fare?

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  1. The Patrician Grill on King St. E near Sherbourne fits that description. Cool retro sign, vinyl booths and stools, family run, decent cheap food. Homemade meatloaf on Fridays. Toronto.com says they even opened in the 50s...


    Patrician Grill
    219 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J9, CA

    1. The George Street Dinner on Richmond and George Street.

      1. Logan Grill @ Logan & Gerrard

        1. The Swann...on Queen West near Strachan...great food....Miranda

          1. if you want to go the veggie route, try Sadie's Diner at Portland & Adelaide.
            While not a traditional "mom & pop" type diner (the kind that has been int he same location for ages, with the same staff and same menu), Sadie's is kitch 50's all the way right down to the soundtrack that plays while you eat.
            i highly recommend the huevos rancheros....I've tried the breakfast burrito and it was meh so now i stick to what i know is good. the portions are HUGE too.
            they dont seem to have a website but the menu can be viewed here:

            1. I would have suggested The Goof but they recently renovated and the place just isn't the same. They're food is quite homely and cheap (inexpensive not cruddy). Western and Chinese fair - they were a classic diner/Chinese food joint until they renovated. (Can you tell I'm a lil bitter?) But the food won't have changed much so it should still be okay. They're on Queen E. in the Beaches.

              If you're looking for a greasy spoon with decent food, Jim's Restaurant at Queen & Logan is good. The front of the store actually says 'Jim's Best Western'; anyway I haven't been let down the times I've been there. Just good solid greasy grub. It's not so much a 50's place, but it definitely hasn't had it's interior renovated in a dogs life time. It's the same kind of place as the Logan Grill which bennytoronto mentioned.

              Personally I haven't been here but you may want to search ChowHound for people's opinons on the Terminal Restaurant at Coxwell & Danforth. It's a restaurant that themes itself as a bus terminal kind of diner.

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                Actually, the Bus Terminal Restaurant is so named because it was actually a bus terminal once upon a time - "theme" kind of implies that it's not the real deal. They've done a good job of keeping the original feel of the place without going too kitsch. Food's not half bad either.

                But IMO, the granddaddy of all authentic 50's diners in TO is most definitly Mars at Bathurst and College.

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                  I agree, not a theme. It was a real bus terminal that served east Toronto and beyond before the expansion of rapid transit. And at 65 years, it's considered one of the oldest restaurants on the Danforth. It's definitely got that diner feeling to it.

                  A couple of years ago, the Bus Terminal was used in 50 Cents’ movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin'". For the movie, a vintage 70s menu was placed over the lunch counter and it's still there.

                  Bus Terminal
                  1606 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1H6, CA

              2. The Senator on Victoria St. is a great option - it has the leather(ette?) banquettes and the great diner fare you are looking for.

                  1. Motorama Diner at 862 Danforth near Jones has kept that original look. Great for a cheap, greasy breakfast- not sure I would call it wholesome, though.

                    Check out the 3rd last photo on this webpage: http://leslieville.org/other/Jones/

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                      Let's face it. Most diners don't really offer wholesome fare. Hearty would be more apt. Good after a night of Koskenkorva though.

                    2. The "wholesome fare" seemed incongruous to me too. There are more (and many of the same) suggestions in this thread about old-style diners -