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Dec 10, 2007 11:06 PM

'catering' from your favorite places

hi everyone,

i am hosting a party of about 20-25 and i am looking to have it 'catered' in a sense. i am looking for takeout ideas and i am willing to drive around town to pick up tasty items from multiple places. i would like them to be a little nicer but i am not looking to have a full catered dinner as i will make a few things of my own.

the first place that comes to mind for me is clementine. are there other places i can order take out and bake it in my oven the next day? or even pick up the day of? other places that came to mind were joan's on third - but that's kind of hit or miss for me. paulette's macaroons might be a stop for me as well.

i also saw a thanksgiving dinner for josie? that sounded delicious but it looks like that was only for thanksgiving.

whole foods, gelson's and costco are all backups, but just looking for other suggestions. maybe honey baked ham as well.
also thought of the nook, but its not open on sundays.

any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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  1. It seems like you're looking for more high-end gourmet food than ethnic food, is that correct? Anyway, if you're looking at other alternatives, I've been to Christmas parties catered by Versailles that were delicious and economical.
    At the office, we often get catering for 30 people from Angeli, which is excellent, Chichen Itza, Sabor de Mexico and Vito's. Angeli would probably be your safest bet, you can just get pizzas or add a few of their other dishes.

    1. You should check out Artisan Menus. They specialize in small parties and gourmet items. They have a website