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Dec 10, 2007 10:37 PM


I have written this 3 times with links etc. It shows up with no message, or doesn't show.

This is a great little jewel in Oakland. The food is perfection, service is excellent, and is very affordable. The first 3 times I told about every morsel we ate. I give up. Go try it for yourself. Wonderful.

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  1. Place linking.

    Looks like 4th time was a charm for you, Janet. Maybe you can edit your post later to add more descriptions. What kind of food is it?

    Soizic Restaurant
    300 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607

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      1. re: chemchef

        If you click on the Place link, you'll see that there's a field to add the website for a restaurant. In this case, Soizic's is already there. You can help increase the usefulness of the database by adding website links there.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I filled in all the fields, wrote some info parking etc, and hit save, did that twice. Sounds like none of that saved either. When I have time I will go back in and fill in info.

          1. re: Janet

            No, sorry, Janet, you did a great job filling out the Place link and the info, including the website link is right where you put it originally. Thank you! My comment above was to chemchef.

    1. Soizic has been a favorite for many years - both lunch & dinner. My favorite dessert anywhere is the ginger flan. Succulent lamb, spring vegetable ragout - just a couple more stand-outs. I'm gratified to see someone else agrees.

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      1. re: rfneid

        Oops - it's actually ginger custard, not ginger flan.

        1. re: rfneid

          Dined here last night for a friend's Boxing Day Party. Had a cup of butternut squash soup, duck confit salad, and two bites of the ginger custard. All were very good.

          I don't come here often as I live in San Francisco. I always forget what a pretty resturant it is. I believe one of the owners is a painter and the care and taste really shows in the interior.

          I heard they will be opening up an Art bar/lounge with small plates somewhere in Oakland in the the near future.

          Soizic Restaurant
          300 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607