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Dec 10, 2007 07:54 PM

Don Panza (Dallas) -- update

Went to the much posted Don Panza's in 'The Cliff' this weekend. Chow Hounder's may be interested to know that a menu expansion is planned for this week. Matambre (national dish of Argentina?) comes to the menu.

No date yet on when they plan to put their phone number on their web site. Go figure..

I love this place.

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  1. Worzel, the phone number is now on the website (maybe they read your post?)

    I had lunch here with a few fellow 'hounds almost a month ago and really enjoyed their pizzas and empanadas. Service was a little slow but if you're in a big hurry, you can call ahead. If you live in the area, they'll deliver.

    For full review with photos:

    1. I went to Don Panza this past weekend for some pickup pizzas. My parents love this place, pizza and empanadas and drive all the way from Irving to get a pizza. Eventhough we called our order in we still waited about 30 mins or so ont he pizza. In the meantime my brother from Houtson was reading about the renovations that the owner performed himself. In reading one of the articles he realized that he was in an Argentinian restaurant and quickly added 6 empanadas to the order. While he was at the register paying I asked the owner about Matambre "literally hunger killer" and his eyes lit up and turned around and pointed to the 9 orders he had on the fridge for the dish. He then lathered up his hands and pulled the Matabre that they had made out of the fridge. It was two rolls in a tray about 2 feet long and about the diameter of a softball. They looked awesome and he told us that they only cook them via special order and serve the roll sliced into about 25-30 slices cold with hot fresh bread baked in their oven. We sat down and waited a few more minutes and then the owner came with 3 small slices (one for my brother, father and myself) of the small Matambre they had made and he stated that it was to small and they made it for themselves. Although it was filled with chimichurri and carrots and some other vegetables, it was cold and came with a side of mayonesa. The mayonesa helped a bit but I would prefer the Matambre warm/hot and the flavors would be more pronounced. It was a bit lackluster but I understand their reason for serving it cold, easier to slice and not quite as messy. They also had on the sign outside a Chimichurri Turkey, still have yet to try. I noticed they have gotten a few additions to the menu 3 churrasco style steaks with the most expensive being $15.00. My brother said that the empanadas were as good as the ones he had tried at Churrascos in Houston and were much cheaper and were larger.

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        Matambre is never eaten hot. It is considered a cold cut.

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          Thanks Dallasbeatrice,

          I was unaware that it was served cold. Now I know!