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Dec 10, 2007 07:02 PM

Where can I buy venison?

For cooking, of course.

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  1. i'd be surprised if they didn't have it at paulina market on lincoln in lakeview. may want to call first though

    1. In the southwest suburbs there is a place thats been around for years. I used to purchase specialty meats from them when I worked for Hyatt

      Czimer's Game & Seafood
      13136 W. 159th Street
      Homer Glen, IL.

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      1. re: swsidejim

        Make sure you know how to cook it. My neighbor gave me a package of ground venison and a venison steak. I researched on the web how to cook, did it according to instructions, and it still tasted like liver. Yuck.

        1. re: Hensley

          lol - MUCH depends on where the deer is from. Their diet dictates their flavor. texas or southern illinois ranched corn fed venison tastes WORLDS different than the wild Upper Peninsula cedar fed venison that I have in my freezer right now. (And will probably remain there for years to come) You wana talk liver tasting? Yuck is right!

          Although, you can make some pretty good sausage style concoctions with it i.e drown out ALL gamey flavor with garlic and sage, and what have you. :-)

          Gameyness really depends on their diet. Sounds like you got some of the "hard" stuff, Hensley. I feel your pain.

      2. Chicago Game & Gourmet is always a great place to start -- I know they have it. Here's a link to their website:

        I'm sure Fox & Obel has it too, but you'll pay more there.

        1. you won't need to worry about gamey venison in any you purchase though as it will be farm raised. remember that venison can be very lean so watch how you prepare it

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            I get wild venison from my neighbor who is a bow hunter. Usually it's a roast or tenderloin so I make sure to rub it well in olive oil and keep it moist and roast it just like beef or lamb. We love it and don't find it to have any strong gamey flavor.