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Truffle Salt

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I'm interested in your opinions of this product. Have not tried it yet myself and would like to know your experiences with it before I invest $30 for 3.5 oz. TIA.

Okay, I just did a search and found Thi's post about this. Duh! I guess I should have searched first. But, there are products at significantly different price points at the Amazon link. Can anyone share their experiences with the specific brands?

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  1. My wife and I first bought a jar of the Casina Rossa truffle salt on our honeymoon in Italy a few year ago. It is great on a lot of things, eggs, risotto, pasta.

    They are now selling this brand at Williams Sonoma for around $30. I might pick up a jar when we our done with our current one.

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      i have this brand as well and like it.

    2. I definitely think there's a difference between brands. I purchased mine (which I sadly broke) from the Far West Funghi shop at the Fulton Ferry Market in San Francisco. Absolutely redolent of truffles. A little went a long way. It was heavenly in mashed potatoes, potato leek soup, etc. I believe I paid about $30 for a small jar. After I broke it, I purchased one in New York -- can't remember the place but I believe it was Whole Foods. Just not the same thing. I tasted mostly salt and none of that perfumey truffle goodness.

      1. My truffle salt is from Napa Style and it was $36 for 4.5 OZ. It has a nice truffle taste.

        1. From this NYTimes article: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/05/mag...

          "For every 100 gram jar of truffle salt, they select 40 grams of black summer truffle from Abruzzi, air-dry it, crush it and combine it with Italian sea salt. The mixture does contain truffle essence, although Post and Rathet point out that it is less than half what is permitted by the Italian government. "

          Please do try this: buy 40 grams of black truffles, air dry it, crush it.
          You'll get more flavors from 40 grams of sand.
          OF COURSE there's "essence" ( read: 2,4-dithiapentane ), and that's all there is to it, besides the salt.

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            Are you serious? There is a Wegmans by me that sells black truffles for around $500 a pound. By doing what you are suggesting could cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $125, nevermind the fact that someone could make a mistake during the air drying process and ruin the truffle.

            Plus the New York Times made it sound like a good alternative despite the "essence." Either way, this brand has not been reviewed in this thread, but I think the people who have reviewed so far have had good success with their truffle salt.