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Dec 10, 2007 05:05 PM

Southern/western Connecticut basic Italian

What it the very best place within driving distance of Stratford Connecticut (southern/western Connecticut) that has really great Italian food? I'm not looking for expensive/snobby places that serve small portions - I want great lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, ravioli, and garlic bread - those types of dishes. I want the kinds of dishes that an Italian Grandmother would make.

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  1. Roseland Apizza has really good homestyle Italian, and, as an added bonus, the pizza is incredible. If you live near Route 8 in Stratford, it's a very short drive.

    1. We have a summer home in Milford and one of our favorite informal, home style Italian places is Aldario's on Naugatuck Ave. While the menu has gone a bit more upscale in the past few years (upscale as in a bit more adventurious, not more expensive!), there are all of the requisite traditional Italian dishes on the menu.
      Of particular note is an excellent zuppa de clams - a whole bunch of clams on what must be a pound of linguini - for around $16, and the frequent lobster specials - lobster fra diavolo w/clams and mussels for less than $20.
      Large portions......very moderate prices....and good food - not a gourmet destination, but when we're craving good, traditional Itanian fare, it is our favorite place.

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        What about meatballs? I want the best with the best gravy or sauce, help, any suggestions closer to Stamford?

      2. I second both Aldario's and Roseland, but Roseland has an advantage -- it really is owned by an Italian grandmother. Her son does most of the cooking these days; but she makes the sauce and bread during the day and supervises most nights as well.

        1. I 3rd for Roseland. I had the most incredible pizza ever there 2 weeks ago. OMG..I can still taste it, it was that good!

          1. I think I will be trying both places - Roseland and Aldario's. Seems like a lot of Chowhounds recomend Roseland and it's not too far from where I'll be. Aldario's is almost walking distance from me. I will have to try that as well. Anybody familiar with Armellino's? I ate there this past summer and they have been in their location onBridgeport Ave for a number of years. I thought the food was about average+, but the atmosphere is nice and the people working their are so nice we will probably go back.

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              Armellino's is okay - your impression pretty much matches mine; though my office uses them mainly for takeout (pies). The hubby has eaten there a few times; no raves, but also no complaints.

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                I agree with harrie. Both Armellino's and Aldarios are close to our summer home, and I much prefer Aldario's - I think it's better food at better prices.