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Dec 10, 2007 04:45 PM

WTB: Fresh organic turkey

Aside from driving up to Jaindl's in Orefield or paying through the nose for an Applegate Farms turkey at Whole Foods (a.k.a. in New York City as "Whole Paycheck"), does anyone know of a source for fresh unbrined organic turkey? The reason is that my sister-in-law just had thyroid surgery and cannot have anything that may have been treated with iodized salt. I live near Skippack. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. Fair Field farms in the Reading Terminal Market takes orders for the holidays. If you talk to them they would likely get you one at a different time. Also, I THINK Giunta's (all natural/organic meats) in the Reading Terminal Market and perhaps Halteman's carries them as well (I got one at Fair Fields for thanksgiving, so I am going by signs I recall seeing at the other merchants

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      Many thanks for the reply. I don't get down there much but I will call.

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        Fair Foods (part of the White Dog Foundation, would likely be happy to put you in touch with whoever they get their Turkeys from - it might be more convenient for you. Also, if Princeton is more convenient, check out Their web site says Turkey orders are done for thanksgiving (guess so!) but they might have some available year round. They frequent some of the local farmers markets too - check out their web site list, if there is one near you they might arrange for a pick up!
        Good luck1

    2. I ordered my Thanksgiving turkey from Willow Creek Orchards which is quite near Collegeville. They have a wonderful market with their organic produce and they sell Hendrick's meats as well.

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        Around the corner, literally, I mean walking distance from me. I always thought of them as the pick-your-own organic place on Stump Hall Road. I knew nothing about poultry. Many thanks!

      2. All the suggestions are good, but I will say that, based on my pre-thanksgiving research, none of these places are significantly cheaper than Whole Foods, and some are more, so if that is the most convenient, you might as well go for it.

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          They are however local and the money goes directly (in many cases ) to the farmer and not to Whole Foods