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Dec 10, 2007 04:29 PM

McDonald's fried apple pie [Moved from L.A. board]

So, for the non-snobs out there, I had to share this since I loved these when I was a kid. These fried, scary pies, with their molten lava hot apple center and their grease-stained box. They discontinued them a few years back and tho I rarely eat at McD's, I've longed for them on occasion...a very specific craving. In Europe and Mexico you can find them, but not here.

So to my surprise, I stopped at the Downey McDonalds (the oldest one in the country) to grab a quick diet coke. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the photo of their apple pie was the fried, bubbly kind. I asked the kid (more like shrieked) behind the counter and he shrugged and said "yeah, they're fried."

So in case any of you have a soft spot for these - the Downey shop sells 'em! I hope I'm not the only one excited about this.


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  1. For several years now, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been selling what appears to be the same fried apple pie that McDonalds used to sell - delicious!

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      Subway has started carrying them as well. (Confirmed sightings at SFO Terminal 3 "Baggage Claim", and in Western Chicago area.

    2. Conveniently enough, here's an McD fried apple pie locater

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        Fried Apple Pie locater! Hilarious!

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          Not on the locator list, but the McD's inside the Fox Hills mall carries fried apple pie too.

          It's a guilty indulgence...hehehe

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            Sad to say, it looks like that web page has not been updated since 2003 unless I'm looking at it wrong. I love those apple pies and am going to start looking in the Wal-Marts around here. All it says for Missouri is various locations. Guess it is up to me to find those locations!!

          2. They have them at Popeye's. Sometimes 2 for $1.

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