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McDonald's fried apple pie [Moved from L.A. board]

So, for the non-snobs out there, I had to share this since I loved these when I was a kid. These fried, scary pies, with their molten lava hot apple center and their grease-stained box. They discontinued them a few years back and tho I rarely eat at McD's, I've longed for them on occasion...a very specific craving. In Europe and Mexico you can find them, but not here.

So to my surprise, I stopped at the Downey McDonalds (the oldest one in the country) to grab a quick diet coke. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the photo of their apple pie was the fried, bubbly kind. I asked the kid (more like shrieked) behind the counter and he shrugged and said "yeah, they're fried."

So in case any of you have a soft spot for these - the Downey shop sells 'em! I hope I'm not the only one excited about this.


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  1. For several years now, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been selling what appears to be the same fried apple pie that McDonalds used to sell - delicious!

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      Subway has started carrying them as well. (Confirmed sightings at SFO Terminal 3 "Baggage Claim", and in Western Chicago area.

    2. Conveniently enough, here's an McD fried apple pie locater


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        Fried Apple Pie locater! Hilarious!

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          Not on the locator list, but the McD's inside the Fox Hills mall carries fried apple pie too.

          It's a guilty indulgence...hehehe

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            Sad to say, it looks like that web page has not been updated since 2003 unless I'm looking at it wrong. I love those apple pies and am going to start looking in the Wal-Marts around here. All it says for Missouri is various locations. Guess it is up to me to find those locations!!

          2. They have them at Popeye's. Sometimes 2 for $1.

            1. Wow! Yeah, I usually get them when I go out of country, although it's kind of embarrassing to slink into a McDo's in another country, like, "Yeah, I'm that American who can't live without her native junk food!"

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                Me too. I used to grab them at McDonald's in Hong Kong. :)

              2. I love the caramel apple ones at Taco Bell. Evil!

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                  you mean the caramel apple empenadas? agreed. they're so addictive but so bad.

                2. Uh, they're all over the place. They're on the menu at McDonald's at all locations I've been to in the past year. Though recently, some of these pies have a nasty "motor oil" aftertaste to them.... ick.

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                    they're not. maybe you're confused with the baked apple pie. no other mcdonald's has them but the one in downey.

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                      how can you say that when you already reviewed the fried pie locator chart?

                  2. I love them. Never noticed they were gone, since they were always there when I wanted them. It's a better value to buy two instead of one. :D Actually, I kind of hate that about McD's.

                    1. Ohhhhhh, I LOVE these! They have fried taro pies in Hawaii and I had one of those a couple years ago, but I haven't had a fried apple pie in the states for YEARS!

                      1. I'm pretty sure you don't have them where you live in L.A., but the Whataburger fast food chain (mostly in the South) serves the same fried apple pies that all McDonald's used to have.

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                          Thanks for the tip Lou! I do not go to McD's, but I will go to Whataburger for a fried pie!

                        2. But do they still fry them in beef tallow?