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Dec 10, 2007 04:26 PM

Need a Dolsot for making "Dolsot Bibimbap"

I live in Manhattan, NYC so Koreatown in the west 30's seems the obvious place to look. Mostly it has restaurants and a few grocery stores. Do the grocery stores sell housewares as well? Would I be better off in Queens? I really love the crispy rice and the warmth from the bowl. It's very grounding as well as fun to eat bibimbap prepared this way and I am looking forward it. Any other advice or preparation hints would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Most of the larger Korean markets should have the earthenware bowl you need for dol sot bibibap.

    The bowl should look very similar to this one:

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      Replying to my own post LoL!
      If you buy the stoneware bowl, make sure you get the coaster also - avoid burnt table and counter tops.

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        I find that a bowl like this yields crisper results:

        Nigella, I've seen hannaone's bowl at Han Ah Rheum on 32nd Street. But haven't seen the bowl that I linked to above. I picked up my bowls in LA, but have also seen it at the Korean market in Jackson Height on 72nd Street and Roosevelt.

        1. re: Miss Needle

          That type of bowl works well on many different stove tops.
          In my Korean rest we used the one I pictured because it allowed the flames from our commercial stove to reach up the sides. They also multifunctioned for cooking/serving the boiling soups.
          To the OP - you need one that best fits your stove type.

    2. Yes, most Korean markets sell some housewares, too. However, I've found that if you have a small cast iron pan, you can get the cripsy rice using it - not authentic, but at least you don't have to go buy a new piece of cookware.

      1. It must be the cold weather, but I've been eyeing the Korean stone bowls, too.

        I've seen two types of stone bowls at Han An Reum on 32nd street. One is the black one that Hannaone linked to, (though I'm not sure it was that tall), and the other is grey greenish sort of like in this link, except it has a metal strip around the bowl near the top.

        I liked that the link gives some instruction for caring/seasoning of the bowl.

        1. I think this is what you will need:


          As per instructions, these bowls need to be seasoned:
          Before the first usage, it is recommended to heat the stone bowl with salty water (1/3 full), until water boils.
          Then remove the bowl from the direct heat and paint the surface with sesame oil or any other edible oil until oil is no longer permeated. This is to eliminate any cracks and/or breakage due to minor damages to the item.

          I've read of people heating the bowls in an oven to ~300, and people heating them on stove top. I don't know which is better, and would like to know if anyone knows.

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