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Dec 10, 2007 04:25 PM

Vegetarian in Baltimore

I think we are going to try a vegetarian restaurant this weekend. I haven't been to one in a number of years and my Fiance has finally agreed to go with me - she has never been to a vegetarian restaurant and does not have much desire to, but is willing to be a sport and humor me. I remember hearing about Zodiac and "One World". Would one of these two places be a good place to try vegetarian in the area, or would you suggest something else?

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  1. Zodiac has fabulous veg and vgean food, but plenty of very tasty food for carnivores, too. All of veg guests from other places have thought it was awesome.

    If you're looking for only veg, than the Yabba Pot is the place to go. Everyone raves about it, though I haven't had the pleasure of going there (yet).

    Helmand also has several very tasty veg options, and again offers meat options for those who aren't into being veg.

    Kali's Mezze and Lebanese Taverna have oodles of veg options among their small plates, and are delicious to boot.

    Those are my standard veg recommendations. I once tried Ze Mean Bean with some veg friends from DC after being told it was a great place for veggies, but never went back after we had to send the vegetarian breakfast back three times--each time it came to the table with more and more meat.

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      One World is best as a drop-in casual meal with coffee. Zodiac is a bit more of a destination, but time it for or combine it with the Charles Theater.