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Dec 10, 2007 04:23 PM


I am new to the Northern Virginia area. Moved from New York. I want to continue serving
the traditional pastries and cakes to my family that were part of our Italian heritage when we lived in New York. I have not been able to find an Italian bakery in the Vienna area. I found
the Ferrara web page on line, but delivery is sketchy in addition to expensive. I do not have time to bake, because of all the time consuming items that are required in our traditional holiday dinner. Can anyone suggest where I can start looking? Also, constantly looking for good Italian bread.

Thank you

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  1. I cannot personally vouch for it, but you might start at The Italian Gourmet in Vienna. It's been there for many years and although their online dessert menu looks lean, maybe they can give you a lead.

    My other suggestion would be Wegman's at Fairfax Corner.

    1. Have you been to The Italian Store in Arlington? It's right off 66 by the Giant at a shopping center at the intersection of Rt. 29 (Lee Hwy) & Spout Run Parkway (the little parkway that takes you to GW Pkwy). They might have something. Also, I've found cookies that remind me of those old fashioned bakeries in NYS at the Heidelberg Bakery on Lee Hwy in Arlington (ok they're not Italian but they're beautiful and delicious). Check out Balducci's in McLean too. As for good Italian bread? I haven't found any since I left NYS years ago! However, The Italian Gourmet in Vienna has decent ciabatta. I don't think you're going to find those wonderful Italian specialties around here (have you seen the threads on trying to find NY pizza here?)

      1. The best Italian pastries in the area covered by this board can probably be found at Vaccaro's in Little Italy in Baltimore. But fear not -- they have a branch at Union Station. It's the real deal.

        For Italian bread, since you're in Vienna, try Cenan's. It's a Turkish bakery, but it's also the first bakery that I ever got ciabatta from -- back when ciabatta was something different and exotic. not something McDonalds serves sandwiches on.

        Heidelberg is a great bakery. Excellent breads (some of the best ryes around these parts), hamantaschen year round (not that I eat them year round; I'd be a whale), beautiful marzipan treats, lots of cookies, etc.

        No, this isn't New York, and it's not RI (where I'm from) but you won't go hungry. Welcome!

        1. Well, this was asked last year, so maybe no one will see this, but here goes. The place to go in DC is Litteri's Market off Florida Ave in NE. It is the ONLY authenic Italian Market south of Baltimore. There is a good Sfogliatelle in Reston at a little deli next to Champs. Other then that, you'll have to mail order. Scialo Bakery in RI has a good website. Good luck and Ciao.