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Dec 10, 2007 04:15 PM

ISO white oven proof flat soup bowl/plates

My DH ordered a pot pie when we were out for dinner a few weeks ago. It came in a maybe 9" soup bowl with a flat rim, and had a puff pastry type top that hung down over the bowl. So he got lots and lots of crust with this pot pie, about 1 to 1 in terms of meat and veggies to crust. He is still talking about it.

So I'm looking for flat bowls (pasta type?) with a wide rim, that are oven proof to at least 450. White would be good, but red could work also.


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  1. Like this?

    I have these, but don't know if they're oven proof. Never tried. You'd have to call and ask.

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    1. re: JoanN

      just like that! I used to love going to fishseddy when we lived near NY. I will give them a call, I suspect they probably are notovenproof but never hurts to ask.

      1. re: gwarring

        Crate and Barrel has some that look just like that and ARE ovenproof.

    2. I really like Revol. I've been purchasing a few serving pieces when I need them...the next time around on dinnerware this is what I'm going to buy. They have several different collections with lots of different shapes,etc...definitely a flat soup bowl is available.

      Apilco would be another good option( I find the Revol to be a bit more refined/thinner which is why I prefer it but you can't go wrong with either).

      Both are French porcelain and very durable.

      1. Fiesta makes 9-inch flat-rimmed soup bowls. I am pretty sure all of their stuff is oven-safe too. I've linked to the white ones but you can get them in almost any color.

        1. I cannot think of any porcelain or china that could not take the heat, especially if it is just plain with no platinum or gold decoration. When they are produced they are fired at higher temperatures than that. What you don't want to do is shock them by putting really cold plates in a hot oven or for that matter really hot plates down on a cold surface.

          1. I love Apilco... Most frequently use it for casseroles and French Onion Soup. Extremely durable and beautiful for serving.