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Dec 10, 2007 03:27 PM

Christmas day lunch at the Morrison Clark Inn?

Relatives want to make reservations for Christmas day lunch or dinner at the Morrison Clark Inn. Is it festive looking? Has anyone been there during the holidays? How's the food and ambience? Thanks.

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  1. I was there last Thanksgiving. The ambiance and service were great - very cosy and homey (if your home is an 1800's mansion). The food was pretty good and met all of our "holiday" requirements, i.e. turkey, cranberry sauce, ect. Bonus = they give you "leftovers" to take home, for us it was a couple turkey sandwiches, some stuffing, and some pie I think...

    1. Where is this place - DC, VA, MD?

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        Morrison Clark Restaurant
        1015 L St NW, Washington, DC 20001

      2. It is very good w/ a nice atmosphere. Not sure about the holiday acoutrements though. But it is kind of old fashioned and fun that way.
        Denise, it's located at L and 11th in DC.

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          Thanks for the information, I'm excited now. Sounds just right!

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            well how was it?? What you expected?

        2. It was a nice place to have a holiday lunch or dinner. Sort of old fashioned formal, with a fireplace, christmas tree, etc. The menu was a set menu with only a dessert and entree choice. We were not rushed and spent two hours there dining. Overall, I would say that although there was not anything really wrong with it, I don't think I would go there again. It was sort of staid, like the place you would take your great, great aunt!