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Dec 10, 2007 03:19 PM

Recs in Merrimack Valley, MA area?

Hi - We are heading up to the Merrimack Valley area to have dinner w/ my husband's friends from High School. Looking for a good rec other than the Atkinson Country Club...been a million times and looking for something different. Any suggestions? We really liked One Mills Street, but it closed down... Thanks!

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  1. Bistro 5 in Haverhill, MA is great !!!

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    1. re: robertwcook16

      it just goes by Keon's now, there was a change of ownership 2 years ago but is still Very Good.

      i'd also throw in Glory in Andover, EvenFall in Haverhill (same owners as Glory) and Cassis in Andover. i will also suggest George's in Haverhill too as well as The Essex Street Grill.

      and One Mill Street re-opened a few months ago as Marco's and is some sort of Tapas place that garnered mixed reviews, but i haven't been except for drinks.

      for Indian there is Kashmir in Salem NH on 28 that's Very Good, and Bollywood Grill on 114 in Lawrence that is also pretty decent. also, Yama in Andover is probably the best Sushi in the area, and i say that only because i have not tried the re-opened Osaka on 28 in Salem NH.

      post up if you need something specific or any of the above don't seem to fit the bill.

      use the "search this board" function on this, and especially the Boston Board and you'll get more than a few hits on the places i mentioned..

      1. re: ScubaSteve

        Osaka on 28 in Salem is WAY better than Yama in Andover. I wrote about my impressions of Osaka a few weeks ago. I think ScubaSteve was the only one interested at the time.

        1. re: msroboto

          oh yah! i remember that review. i will def be trying Osaka next time out.

        1. re: robertwcook16

 (Bistro 45) is in Haverhill. Is that what you were referring to?

 (Bistro 5) is in West Medford. I used to love this restaurant when it was BYOB. I have not been in over 5 years though.

          1. re: mjg0725

            not quite.
            i was thinking of Keon's 105 Bistro (Haverhill) which is still on the sign but it now mostly goes by the name Keons.

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              My response was to robertwcook16 who said Bistro 5 was in Haverhill. I was trying to clarify if he was talking about Bistro 45.

        2. La Boniche and Centro in Lowell, MA are both very good.