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Dec 10, 2007 03:12 PM

Where to go at the beach now that Liars' Club is gone?

Ok, my period of mourning is over and I'm ready to move on. Where can I get decent chow and good beer in PB/MB?

I'm not talking about places that top out with Sierra Nevada -- I'm talking stuff like Port, Green Flash, Ballast Point, Alpine (ok, Alpine is probably asking too much).

Already on my list:

- I'll probably be spending more time at the Tap Room because of their good beer list, but I don't like the space (too big and soulless) and the constant drone of Van Halen and friends over the sound system drives me nuts.

- PB Shore Club has a few token offerings, but it isn't enough to compensate for overpriced mediocre food.

- Cass St Bar & Grill. Ok, this fits my aforementioned "tops out with Sierra Nevada", but the food is good and it had a nice mellow vibe.

Might as well include OB. South Beach has a few good options on tap, including Racer 5. Anyplace else?

Help me out here. Where are the other Liars' Club orphans going?

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  1. The Tap Room in PB has the kind of beer you want. Atmosphere's not so good, but they have the beer you want.

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    1. re: Josh

      I'm really trying to like the Tap Room (especially since I live only a few blocks away). Went there last night and had a better experience. Their beer selection has gotten continually better. I had Yulesmith, Green Flash 5th Anniversary and a Racer 5. My wife had a Lil' Devil and a Hop 15. Tuesdays they have $3 pints and half price apps. Can't complain too much about those beers for $3.

      For food we had the calamari (so, so) and the garlic fries (pretty good). Music was marginally better this time (classic rock instead of the 80's guitar rock they've been droning on every previous visit).

      Oh, and be sure to ask for a non-chilled glass. I kept forgetting, and they come very cold by default.

      1. re: menuinprogress

        Yeah, I've been there once and, honestly, the beer tasted bad. We had Dorado and Li'l Devil, and they both tasted either like they'd been sitting too long or that the tap lines were dirty. The meathead vibe to the place didn't help matters. I'd go there as a last resort, but I live pretty close to O'Brien's so that's a much better option for me.

    2. Latitude 32 is nicer than Cass St. Offshore is o.k. at times, as is High Dive. Nothing can replace LC...

      1. OB also has the Vine, which has a nice beer and food selection. Also, someone bought that old NY Giant Pizza place near South Beach and they also have a great beer selection. There's also O'Brien's, which is only about 20 minutes from the beach. Great beer selection and good pub food.

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        1. re: Josh

          The beer list at the Vine looks good. Do they have any taps, or is it all bottles?

          1. re: menuinprogress

            Bottles only, at least that was the case the last time I was there.

            This is the other place, Newport Pizza and Beer:

            1. re: Josh

              Newport Pizza and Ale gets some great beers in, it is a great place to get stuff that doesn't turn up at Hamiltons and Obriens. I like their pizza.

              Tap Room is definitely a confused beast. The pizza I didn't like at all but I love their beer selection. They seem to be trying to attract too many types of crowds though.....which seems to often leave them with a pretty empty bar.

              1. re: Josh

                Went to Newport Pizza last night. Good place. Nice selection of beer and a relaxed atmosphere. The pizza was pretty decent, too. Definitely better than anything we have up here in PB.