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Dec 10, 2007 02:53 PM

Post Citrus Bowl Dinner

Driving up from South Florida for the Citrus Bowl and looking for suggestions on where to eat after the game (assuming the Gators win -- if not we'll probably get a slice of pizza at the Canoe Creek turnpike plaza).

Ideally not too far in the wrong direction (we'll be going back that evening on the Turnpike) and obviously need something casual. Would like to avoid chains.

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  1. don't go out to eat!! you'll find the best barbecue of the year from locals with smokepits at the citrus bowl.
    every year, even if i don't go to the game, i drive down to the citrus bowl, just to get their barbecue.
    and don't fret, the gators will win!

    1. Since you're coming to Orlando via the turnpike, you've got the majority of Orlando "on the way" home. The BBQ at the Citrus Bowl is usually pretty good. If you take I-4 to Sand Lake Road, you'll have hundreds of places to choose from, and the turnpike will be very close by.

      Is there any other requirement, other than casual?