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Dec 10, 2007 02:45 PM

Seeking high-end loose teas -- PLEASE HELP

Hey all! I am looking to get my boss a nice holiday gift. I was thinking of getting her a nice high-end loose tea (with a french press and teacup) so she can brew some tea at the office. I'm still fairly uninitiated to the tea shops of LA and am in dire need of a recommendation for a tea that both looks and tastes incredible and is reasonably priced (I have no frame of reference for the price, but I would like to spend less than $25). I would love something incredible to look at while it brews (i have seen some flowers that open in the water), so if you have specific recommendations, I would love to hear those as well...


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  1. Have you checked out Peet's ? They seem to have quite a nice selection of loose teas, and paraphenalia to brew it with ?

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      I have been to Peet's, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Teavana (i think it's called that) in the Sherman Oaks Galleria, but I guess I was looking for something slightly more exotic... I know I saw something like this in a korean pharmacy adjacent to a market on Victory & Sepulveda in the valley. They had some cool loose teas that had entire flowers in it, but it was super expensive... If I can't find anything someplace else I will probably hit up the place in the mall by me, but I would love to discover something amazing.

    2. Did you try searching?

      Some valuable threads in there...

      1. I don't remember the prices, but the Palais du The on Canon Drive in BH has a great selection- 401 N Canon Drive. There's also Chado on Third Street just East of the Beverly Center

          1. Hugo's in the valley has some pretty exotic and pricey teas.
            There is also a chinese herb shop on magnolia near lankershim that has assorted teas. That was the only place my wife could find pure, loose sage tea.