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Dec 10, 2007 02:40 PM

searching for War Su Har

Still looking for War Su Har (shrimp wrapped in bacon & fried) like the old Jimmy Dip's in Fort Worth used to make. Anyone know where I can find this lost Cantonese dish?

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  1. I too have searched and searched for a chinese restaurant for War Su Har. I have had no luck and wondered if you have? I miss Jimmy Dip's! If you know of somewhere that serves it, please let me know.

    1. Did you ever get a response to this?

      1. I have had this in Columbus, OH.
        It goes by 3 other names: War Dip Har, War Hip Har, and Woo Dip Har.
        Basically, it is butterfly shrip, dipped in egg, wrapped in Bacon and sauteed in a sweet-sour based suace with onions.

        1. I get war su har at the golden moon in weatherford, is delicious.I used to get it at the blue star in fort worth many years ago and one of the waiters at gold moon used to work there.