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Leftover Pannetone

What would you make with it? I've toasted it, which is nice, and I'm thinking it would make a great base for French toast and/or bread pudding. Any other ideas?

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    1. I've made both French toast and bread pudding with pannetone, and you can't go wrong with either. Let your slices dry a bit, make sure your custard base is a little richer than usual (use whole milk and/or half-and-half-- skim milk will disappoint), and let the pannetone slices/cubes get good and soaked. You'll be in heaven!

        1. I use pannetone to make French Toast on Christmas morning, and usually use some eggnog in addition to milk for soaking. Quite delicious. Also, you can certainly freeze the pannetone and save it for another time.

          1. I think it makes an interesting trifle, as long as it is not stale.

            1. I used it to make a trifle:

              Panettone Trifle

              1 pound mascarpone cheese, at room temp.
              8 ounces bitersweet or semisweet chocolate, melted
              1/2 cup powdered sugar
              2 teaspoons espresso powder
              1/4 cup Kaluha liqueur
              12 ounces panettone, cubed
              Chocolate shavings

              With an electric mixer, beat the mascarpone cheese, melted chocolate, espresso powder, and powdered sugar in a large bowl until smooth and rich.

              Divide half of the panettone cubes among 6 glasses or old-fashioned glasses. Sprinkle half of the liqueur over the panettone. Top with half of the mascarpone mixture. Repeat layering with the remaining panettone, liqueur, and mascarpone mixture. Sprinkle the chocolate shavings over the trifles and serve immediately.

              The trifles can be prepared 1 day ahead. Cover and refrigerate. Let warm to room temperature before serving.

              1. depends on the sort, if it's of the classical type (no fillings and all that junk), french toasts would be decadent.

                But I've never heard of leftover pannetone at my house. :-)

                1. Giada's recipe for pannetone bread pudding is really good. You could also try doing an overnight baked french toast casserole with it.

                  1. Make either the French Toast or Bread Pudding and use eggnog as the cream base. It gives a great flavor to the entire dish and with the addition of some fresh nutmeg, you can't go wrong...
                    I am hungry just thinking of it already.

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                      Oh, my, the pannetone french toast with eggnog sounds exquisite. So does the trifle. Thank you all for your suggestions (although I am not sure what to do with pannetone croutons.)

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                        Serve croutons on salads. Or better yet, make dressing or stuffing. I saw one of the cooking guys on Foodnetwork make it the other day.

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                          Being that panettone is sweet, you could use panettone croutons on a fruit salad! :)