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Dec 10, 2007 02:07 PM

Help! Special Birthday Dinner

Hey, Philly 'hound here. My girlfriend has recently relocated to NYC for work and is about to celebrate her 25th birthday. Her entire family lives in NYC and eat out often. I appeal to the board at the last minute, as her b-day is a month away tomorrow and I know lots of places start accepting reservations 1 month out

here are the specifics:
8 people, eating at prime time on a Friday night
not 4 star prices but doesnt need to be necessarily a bargain
would prefer quiet and intimate over loud and trendy
Manhattan is a must but let's put the whole island in play

I would've loved to give Babbo a shot but they only take 6 as a max. I'm really all over the map...was thinking about Po, Tasting Room, Little Owl (fat chance)...suggestions?


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    1. A few Recommendations..

      BLT fish is awesome...They have their fancier upstairs and their more casual downstairs..

      Landmarc (In Tribeca and at Columbus Circle)..Great food....Great wine...great atmosphere...Terrific for bigger parties!!

      Park Avenue Winter--- Terrific Place

      Hope this helps!

      1. I'm kind of in the same situation. I want to take my buddy out to a really nice birthday dinner. My first thought was Babbo--how easy is it to get reservations one week in advance ? Any other recommendations are also appreciated.

        1. Park Ave Winter is a great choice. Very special, very festive (wintery), very expensive. (but worth it) Try the gnocchi with nantucket bay scallops, the veal chop was the best I've ever had and the latkes were up there too.

          Another good choice is L'Impero

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            Second Park Avenue Winter. Great place for a seasonal celebration with food that is haute, but accessible.

          2. Il Giglio -- old-school Italian in Tribeca...elegant, festive, perfect for a bday dinner...delicious antipasti, nice wines, shrimp fra diavolo, desserts, dessert grappa...personally i'd rather go here than Babbo...

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            1. re: Simon

              Thanks for the suggestions...I'm going to try Park Ave Winter and Toqueville
              While not suggested, how is the food at Il Buco?