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Dec 10, 2007 01:56 PM

Got Any Bar Cookie Recipes?

Hey CH'ers...

I'm looking for a fun new bar cookie recipe.

Something that is not a brownie or blondie and does not have coconut.

Anyone have any favorites?

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  1. Tried a pecan-pie bar recipe from epicurious recently: It was pretty good. I'd say though that you could use a smaller pan to get thicker bars - mine didn't come out as thick as the ones in the picture. Also, start watching closely just 15 minutes after you pour the topping, as I thought they were a little overdone by 20 minutes. 17 or 18 minutes was probably what I needed. I used a larger metal jelly-roll pan and barricaded a 13x9 inch area to approximate the size called for in the recipe. So if you use an exact 13x9 pan and it is glass, then you may not need to worry about over baking. As reviewer's comments indicate, I would definitely use foil/parchment to line the pan, so bars may be cut easily without damaging the pan. I did not have any crumbly bottom problems. I had pressed in the base well and good with my hands, not a metal spatula.

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    1. re: sweetTooth

      Thanks! I looked around Epi, but this one got by me.

      I may give it a try.

      I'm having a dessert party open house and I need one more thing to make the table complete. I was hoping to find maybe something with dried cherries or cranberries (for the color)... but I'm good with anything tasty ; )

      1. re: Jennalynn

        You're welcome! A dessert party sounds awesome. Sorry, can't think of any dried cherry or cranberry bars. The only dried cherry recipe that comes to mind is the sweet potato rolls with dried cherries and cardamom - also from epicurious. But really can't see that gel with your party.

        1. re: sweetTooth

          This is my fifth annual!

          It's really an easy way to host a party for the holidays... because you bake/cook in advance and then put everything out and all you have to do is enjoy your guests! I do a 4 hour open house for about 50 - 70 (depends on who shows up).

          Then I send all the sugared up kids home with their parents ; )

    2. I haven't tried this recipe
      but I am kind of in love with the Eagle Brand Condensed Milk web site right now.

      1. I made cranberry bars back at Thanksgiving that were a big hit. I used this recipe and added some orange zest and a cinnamon stick to the cranberries while they were cooking.

        1. I made these maple-pecan bars a few weeks ago, and was really happy with them:

          Lemon bars are fantastic, and gooey, and refreshing. I have a recipe I can dig up and post if you like.

          And I've been meaning to try this recipe for blackberry-almond bars for a while:

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          1. re: chloe103

            The blackberry almond bars look great, I just bought fresh blackberries at Costco, so I might try making them this weak. Thanks

          2. You might want to check out this post from Dommy! last Christmas... she did all bar cookies for her cookie trays: