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Dec 10, 2007 01:49 PM

Crab salad and endive boat recipes needed--Please!

I'm having a cocktail party next weekend for about 20 people and would like to serve crab salad in endive leaves. They're always so pretty and easy to make ahead! But, I can't find any good recipes for a crab salad (I was thinking of the salad having more of a citrus base than a cream base, but let me know your opinion on this). Has anyone made a crab salad to go on endive leaves before? Any ideas are appreciated! Also, if you've filled endive leaves with another salad and it was a hit, I'd appreciate those recipes too!

thanks so much. Happy Holidays!

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  1. West Indies Crab Salad is THE single most delicious crab salad in the world. Oil and vinegar - more like a ceviche. The recipe is stupid-simple but it's been a Gulf Coast favorite for a few generations. No cocktail party in LA (Lower Alabama) is complete without it. Do NOT substitute olive oil for the plain neutral vegetable oil. No fancy vinegar. Even the Costco crabmeat works for this. I do add a little chopped flat leaf parsley when I serve it for color and serve with some halved grape or sliced tomatoes. Trust the plain simple recipe and you'll want to eat it with a spoon.

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        I've used the stuff from Costco and also the crabmeat marketed as "blended," which is whole crab - the meat from the entire body, both the backfin and the rest of the meat, but not the claw meat.
        Along the Gulf Coast, the regular stuff is used a lot since many people pick their own. Crabmeat is also a more regular grocery purchase. For parties, a bowl of this salad with crackers is pretty common, just a small seafood fork for serving.

    1. Barefoot Contessa used the endive leaves and filled it with a lobster salad that she added tarragon to. I did this for one of my parties and it was a big hit. Used can lobster meat and it worked fine.
      If you go on the food network you can get the ingredients.

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        oooh roxy, you just gave me an idea. grated or finely shaved fennel bulb with the crab or lobster, plus some minced frond.....a similar anise-like taste profile as tarragon, but with crunch. oh, oh, jicama might be neat, too! now i'm hungry! ;-)

      2. I've done them a few times and always ended up using a creamier salad - I've tried brighter, tangy mixtures and they looked great but did not work very well against the bitterness of the endive. If you do find a non-creamy salad that works well please let us know. Have also used a smoked fish salad.

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          whole smoked fish (trout?) is now at trader joes. an alternative to buying at whole foods...

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            Thanks for the tip! What creamy recipes have you used?

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              For the smoked fish, I just boned the fish and mixed it with sour cream, mayo, a little horseradish and a few chopped chives. Not sure about quantities, go by taste. It was a bit dull looking so I put some parsley on top but was a great hit. Have also used my favourite deli seafood salad.

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              pepper mil, I think you make a great point. These types of appetizers are gorgeous to look at but when eaten, they tend to fall apart. That is, unless you stick the whole thing in your mouth, they become sort of a challenge to eat. I find that using the won tons for the base also does the same, and they become soggy making them even less appetizing.
              I always like whatever I fill the leaf with, to hold a bit. Smoked trout sounds lovely!

            3. you know they have an endive recipe here on CHOW......


              1. Well I've done this one and know it works well.
                I like to use red and white endive for a pretty presentation.
                1 pk cream cheese
                7 scallions-cleaned and rough chop if using a food processor, cut fine if not.
                fresh lemon juice, a little more than a tablespoon add and taste to your likeness for thickness and tartness. not too much, that it overpowers the salad.
                champagne add a little at a time. Creates a fresh taste.
                dash of worcestershire
                sea salt 1 tsp.
                white pepper - 1/2 tsp
                1/4 lb cleaned, shelled and picked over crab
                mix all the above well or process in food processor
                clean 32 red and white Belgian endive - about 1 1/2 lbs and dried
                Fill the leaves and garnish with two long chives
                I have a couple that I've done but this one is a favorite and I got to the recipe first!
                This works as nicely with shrimp, garnish with tiny shrimp and chopped chives/

                You could also do a shrimp remoulade in endive leaf which would be a very cool take on an old classic.