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Dec 10, 2007 01:32 PM

Whole Foods BBQ

Don't know if this qualifies as a "chain," but it's a ready-to-eat meal sold hot in a multi-outlet place with seating. And napkins, which you'll need. Living in Ann Arbor, MI, where good barbecue is not at my doorstep, I've been pleased to find that the BBQ counter at Whole Foods is a reasonable substitute many days. Do all Whole Foods have these? Not the first place I thought to look for barbecue, but I guess coming from Texas they can't get away with wimpy 'cue. I especially like the smoked meats--if there's a smoked chicken anything out there, I grab it. The basic pork BBQ sauces, some of which contain anchovies, have some zing too. They tend to have pulled-meat sandwiches rather than racks of ribs, at least at my location, but the selection changes daily (or more often).

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  1. Is Delongs BBQ pit gone? They used to be by the Farmers Market in A2

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    1. re: coney with everything

      Yeah, long gone. And Mr. Rib, which bounced around several locations and was really good, hasn't surfaced lately either. I liked their "Soul on a Roll."

      1. re: Jim M

        I heard Mr. Rib (Jesse Campbell's) daughters have a place in Ypsi, but don't know any details. Anyone out there know if they serve their dad's old recipes?

    2. I like the BBQ brisket and chicken at the new Whole Foods in Tustin,ca. They had a smoked short ribs last time, but I haven't tried that yet.

      1. The WF flagship store in Austin offers BBQ. Additionally, the store has four or five other eateries where you order and sit to eat--even have a glass of wine--including a seafood station, salad station, cheese station, Italian station, and the general international buffet. The store is huge and worth a visit if you are ever in Austin.

        1. One of the WF in Cambridge, MA has a barbecue counter - some sort of co-production with Blue Ribbon, a local barbecue restaurant. (But the other two Cambridge WF don't have it.)

          1. Along with an earlier poster I have also tried the expansive BBQ department at the Tustin CA location, which has a wide selection of lotsa meats, but I wanted to note that it's the quality that varies from day to day, and the prices vary widely depending on where in the store you buy the cue. There is a pulled meats in soup tureens station for what passes as dirt cheap (wholefoods-wise) -- sometimes it's fantastic, other days greasy and blah. Can't evaluate its wimpiness as I'm not a Texan, but it does the trick for superquick cue meals in a surprising location.