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Dec 10, 2007 01:31 PM

Reliable source for Korean short ribs in East Bay

I'm having a party and it looks like Korean short ribs will be part of the menu. Can anyone recommend a good spot to purchase them in bulk? I'd imagine that I would need 10 lgs or so. I'd like the ribs to already be marinated. I was at a 99 Ranch today and they didn't carry them. Just to clarify, I don't want them grilled, just marinated.

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  1. which Ranch 99? I was there today and they had them, think it was even one of their specials in this week's ad.

    Koreana/Pusan Market in Oakland should also have what you're looking for.

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      Well I was in Dublin near where I work. They had them in the meat dept but they weren't marinated. I asked about if they were in the freezer section and they said no. Did I miss them?

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        hmm.. I've never looked for marinated ones at 99 -- have only seeked/bought the non-marinated variety. wasn't even aware they sold the marinated kalbi

    2. Koreana definitely has them. I've purchased upwards of 10lbs there myself. They are on the sweeter side, but not overly so, depends on your tastes. If you're going to to get that much, I'd maybe call them ahead of time since I had to wait to get mine last time I was there.

      1. What is that stuff that Trader Joes has in plastic in the meat section?

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          Traders Joes has boneless marinated bool kogi in plastic in the meat department

        2. I also get the Korean prepared meats at either Koreana in Oakland or at the Kukje Market
          in Daly City. I have a slight preference for Kukje because they have a vastly better panchan
          bar ... but that is not in your space. I think Koreana is slightly cheeper.

          BTW, does anybody know if any Korean restos will sell you uncooked Kalbi?

          1. Koreana has them, but I'd stop by and get a sample to try before committing to ten pounds. Every place has their own recipe so test to make sure they have what you like. You might also talk to a resto that you like and see if they'll sell them to you uncooked.

            For only ten pounds you can do it yourself rather easily as there is nothing rocket science about the marinade. A few 1 gallon zip lock bags and you're well on your way.