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Dec 10, 2007 01:26 PM

New Years in Nashville/Lynchburg

I'm going to be spending December 30-1st in the Nasvhille area. On the 30th, we are doing the jack daniel's distillery tour and then up to Nashville to ring in the new year. I was hoping to eat at Miss Mary Bobo's for Lynchburg but it's closed on Sunday.
Here's a rundown of what I'm looking for (if any of the places take reservations, so much the better)
-Sunday lunch and early dinner in Lynchburg on a Sunday
-Two lunch and dinner spots in Nashville, preferably close to Music Row since we are unfamilar with the city (less than 30 bucks a person before alcohol, tip, and taxes)
-A place for New Year's Eve WITHOUT a "special" (aka higher priced, lower quality) menu...we'd be willing to eat early and then will head to establishments primarily renowned for drinking (up for suggestions for that as well)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Zesty:

    Lynchburg is just a tiny, pint-sized little town, and there's not much there in the way of restaurants beyond Miss Bobo's. I know there's a pretty good BBQ place on the square, but I don't think it's open on Sundays either. There is also a pizza place on the square, but I've never been there. You might have more luck driving a few miles to either Tullahoma or Winchester - both of those towns have more restaurant options.

    Re: Nashville, there are a few topics floating around that pretty well cover the hot spots. If you want something to kind of fill that void of Miss Bobo's, may I suggest Monell's in Germantown? It's the same concept (southern food served family style) and the food is even better than MMB's, IMO. Or you might want to drive out and try the Loveless Cafe in Bellevue. BBQ is everywhere here, if you're into that. Jack's, downtown, is serviceable and easy to find. If you're looking for more upscale kind of places, Zola (West End), Mambu (West End), Radius10 (the Gulch), Watermark (the Gulch), and Margot (East Nashville) always seem to come up. If you want to concentrate on the Music Row area, the Bound'ry, South Street, and Virago are all good. Finally, I throw in one completely random place that I've been enjoying lately - Bricktops on West End (in the former location of Houston's). It's nothing too adventurous, just a simple menu executed very, very well. And really great service.

    I'm not sure what to tell you about New Year's Eve. Most everywhere I've ever been out to on NYE has had some type of "special" menu.

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    1. re: jamiecarroll

      very good advice from jamiecarroll...unfortunately margot's is closed during zestyz's visit and my other new east nashville favorite, rumour's east, isn't open on mondays (not sure about NYE and i tried calling but alas, it's monday so no one is there)...but if they are open, i think it would be a good option and you could stay on the east side for drinks...3 crow bar, red door east, alley cat...nice pub crawl kinda options.

      i also must admit to the guilty pleasure of bricktops...the grilled artichoke alone is worth the trip.

      haven't been lately but used to enjoy Tin Angel (west end) for lunch.

      again, haven't been in a while but have enjoyed Rumba (west end) as well.

      the yellow porch, while not in the music row area (thompson lane)'s close, gets rave reviews for both lunch and dinner...not sure if they're open on NYE for either.

      honestly, i can't imagine a more horrible "scene" than virago on NYE...the clientele is too cool for school on an average night...just my two cents. but the food is really good.

      sitar (for indian) is right there (21st ave & west end) and really good...if you're into that

      fido in hillsboro village for a cup of coffee and breakfast...

      please keep in mind, nashville is really easy to get around and none of the places mentioned (with the exception of loveless) is more than a 15 minute ride from music row/vandy area.

      1. re: lissafair

        I agree with both jamiecarroll and lissafair and they gave good info. For NYE, check out Radius 10 ( Last year they were serving off their regular menu at regular prices in addition to a prix fixe meal. They also limited party sizes to 8 to ensure good service and keep the servers happy. They've become a bit more popular since then but might be worth checking out. Most of the other places seem to have only the "special" menu. They are also open for lunch on weekdays.

        Regarding Rumba, it's one of our all-time faves and we go there lots; check there for NYE as they may also keep their main menu. The description is a rum/satay bar but they have much more -- great steak and lobster entrees, wondeful brick oven pizzas, my favorite salads in town. They have a little bit of lots of things and seem to please most tastes but as opposed to some places that try to branch out TOO much, everything is really good.

        South Street is also a fun lunch or dinner place with a casual atmosphere. Boundry is another old favorite that is consistently good (dinner only with Sunday brunch.


        Agree with the Virago comment -- they have the best sushi in town IMO, but I gave up dealing with the crowds now that I'm over the age of 20something. It's definitely a SCENE but if that's what you like, go for it.

        Another good lunch spot is Jackson's in Hillsboro Village -- lots of great sandwiches, salads with some entrees; also open for Sunday brunch at 9am. Same owner as Rumba; both have great fries ;-)

        Enjoy your stay and let us know where you end up!

        1. re: jcr05

          These are some amazing suggestions! I'll start working on my list now to present to my fellow three companions. Also, I forgot that we'll be looking for a yummy brunch (if possible)/lunch before heading back to the chilly big apple (I've got my fingers crossed that the warm spell lasts for another few weeks). Any thoughts on that are appreciated as are suggestions of Tullahoma and Winchester (and I'll do a search too...although this Southern board is a bit more unyieldly than I'm used to).

          1. re: ZestyZ

            What day will you be doing brunch? Unfortunately the weekday options are pretty limited...

            1. re: jcr05

              We are looking to do brunch/lunch on New Year's Day. If there's something near the airport, that works too since our flight is at 3:30.

              1. re: ZestyZ

                If it's open: Ellendale's. Very near to the airport. And a pretty good brunch.

                Ellendale's Restaurant
                2739 Old Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

            2. re: ZestyZ

              I think the two best brunch places in town are Margot (East Nashville) and The Copper Kettle (Lipscomb), but neither of those are very close to where you seem to be staying, and both only serve brunch on Sundays. As mentioned, Jackson's has a pretty good brunch, but I believe it's only on weekends as well. I hear the brunch at Tin Angel is good too, but I haven't had it.

              I'm not as familiar with Tullahoma, but I can mention a couple of places in the Winchester area. Mary's Country Kitchen is actually in Decherd, TN, which is adjacent to Winchester. As the name suggests, it's country cooking. Very charming. Skip's Grill in Winchester is a great diner-type place. If you're looking for something more upscale, you'll have to drive up the mountain to Monteagle/Sewanee. There's a place in Monteagle called High Point that's good. Also, Pearl's Cafe in Sewanee is fantastic. I wish I could help you out more with Tullahoma. It's a pretty good size town and I know there are restaurants there, I'm just not familiar.

              1. re: jamiecarroll

                One more great brunch option -- also Sundays only -- is Germantown Cafe near downtown. Really good!

                1. re: jamiecarroll

                  I have to raise my voice about Skip's. THe last meal I had there, in July of '05, was literally inedible. Vegetables straight from the can, instant mashed potatoes and an overheated Stouffers meatloaf. If you go, don't get the meat-n-three -- get the burger instead, tho' it ain't what it used to be either.Last time I drove through Tullahoma there were a couple of promising places, but I can't recall names.

        2. Re: dinner in tullahoma.
          You should try to go to Emil's on Lincoln in Tullahoma. It has great food, definitely not something you'd expect in a small town. I'm not sure if they are open on sundays though? I think you should be okay for lunch in Lynchburg on a Sunday, I'm in that area a lot in the summer and it hasn't been a problem. You might run into holiday closings though. Lynchburg is tiny, besides jack daniels and the square, there isn't much there. The BBQ place on the back side of the square is the best, and has really good lemonade. I can't remember the name.

          Nashville: I love the Yellow Porch, and Jackson's.

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          1. re: conniebell1229

            BBQ Caboose Cafe. Fun place, and pretty good barbecue. They have live bluegrass on Friday nights, or at least they used to.

          2. Forgot to add a note about Miss Mary's -- at this time of year, it fills up quickly. Someone in my office goes each holiday season, and they make their reservations nearly a year in advance. Not sure that's always a necessity, but I thought I should pass on the info.

            1. All of these suggestions have been wonderful. There's a small wrench...the other couple are low on money and so we'll need to do meals that are as low-cost as possible. If anyone has any price conscious options or can flag previously mentioned ones as very affordable, that would be great. I'm assuming any of the BBQ options would be doable...any options to avoid big chains and fast food would be appreciated!

              1. Just as an update, I received an email from Radius 10 that they are serving dinner from their regular menu on NYE and are not doing any special seatings. They are not doing their happy hour specials, but you could still get some great priced/tasting appetizers in the bar before heading to other establishments. It's definitely a great place.