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Dec 10, 2007 12:54 PM

Mie N Yu first timer

Friends suggested Mie N Yu for dinner Friday. Never been there, suggestions, dress, eats? Thanks!

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  1. VERY trendy - dress well.

    Best way to experience MNY - go in, hang out at the bar, have some drinks, look at all the pretty people, and then go have dinner somewhere else. Food is amazingly overpriced and mediocre.

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    1. re: DanielK

      I'm with you on this one. I will pile on one more negative- you get pretentious service with your overpriced mediocre food. If you want trendy and Gtown, I suggest Hook instead. My real favorite in Gtown, though, has got to be Mendocino Grill. It is a cozy wine-centric restaurant with incredible food. Sorry to be a downer on Mie N Yu but better to know before you go...

      P.S. If you're friends won't budge on this, I once had a black bass there that was not bad (if a little heavy handed). And I would dress nicely (but it is DC and a nice pair of jeans seem to take me everywhere).

    2. I like the food, there is a fish with black rice dish I have had that I liked and something with lamb I think that was a starter. And they have great mixed drinks. The food isn't the best in DC, but certainly isn't bad. It is a little pricey, but in Georgetown let alone DC that is a pretty general statement.

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        We tried 8 dishes tonight

        Oysters on the half shell - nice sauce but they're just oysters to whet my appetite.
        Salmon bruschetta - very mild with great salsa
        Firecracker Ahi Tartare - a bit spicy but even a non-fisher lover like my fiancee chowed down on it.

        Buddha Duck Steamed Buns - the buns were a litte tough and I told our waitress. Good flavors but very little filling in btwn the buns.
        Tempura Shrimp Bloody Mary - nicely fried shrimp dipped in a unque sauce.
        White Sesame Scallops - perfectly cooked served on soba with peanut pesto, very good flavor.

        Veal Wraps - the veal is well seasoned and the portions are quite big. This was recommeneded and deservedly so.

        Thai Pu Pu Grill with lobsteer spring rollls (a bit fishy), chipotle orange spare ribs (tasty and tender), tempura veggies (good but nothing special), lamb kabob (again, decent but nothing special), and black bean edamame (we polished this off even though we took lots of food home).

        It's fun and the decor is fantastic. All that food and drinks for $138. That's a bargain since every meal cost me $200 or more these days.

        P.S. Not our first time. I've going there since they opened. At first the food was pretty ambivalent but now it's gotten pretty good.

        1. re: Ericandblueboy

          bruschetta, pesto, chipotle, kabobs, pu pu, tuna tartare, edamame...
          is there a food trend they don't hit? Or is that the idea here? Seriously, I have never been, and am wondering what it is about this place that would make it worth one's while to walk past Mendocino Grill, Hook, or the lounge at Citronelle?

          1. re: crackers

            Been to Mendocino - not the least bit impressed. Hook -very limited menu. Citronelle, I'll go if I feel like dressing up and having a 3 hour dinner. The major themes are Asian and North African, with lots of other things added. If a chef only does one thing, he gets criticized. If a chef does too many things, he's accused of pandering to the masses. Mie 'n Yu is not Buddakan foodwise but it's getting close and the decor is much better than Buddakan.