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Dec 10, 2007 12:25 PM

Truxton's American Bistro?

Will be going here soon - any suggestions/comments? We will be going for dinner. Thanks in advance!

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  1. We find the food to be good, but not great. Sort of stuck in a bit of a salad rut lately and their Cobb is very good. When meat was on my beat their burger's filled a hunger chasm without any difficulty. I've also noshed on their fish and their grilled veggies and like that combo too (not over cooked on the fish or the veggies). Weakness in the dessert offerings for my taste but plenty of people seems to order them so I may just be persnickety about that subject. And their service has always been friendly and efficient, with a nice background buzz without deafness as a side note.

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      Second everything exactly. It has a big menu, but its not spectacular and things are prepared well... but not exceptionally so (My Pa's brisket was a bit on the tough side). I really enjoy the salads there however and there truly is something for everyone on the menu...


    2. Agree w/Dom's assessment of "something for everyone." I recently had the fish tacos and while certainly not "authentic" were huge (2 large tacos w/fresh lettuce, onions, cilantro) and sauteed nicely for about $9. Full bar... if you need it.

      1. Stay simple, treat it as a very nice diner. There can be a wait. After 4 tries, I'd say the burgers are the best choice.

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          Thanks everyone. I had one of the burgers (something spicy) cooked medium rare (came out perfect) and I thought it was really good. 1/2 fries 1/2 sweet potato fries. We had some apps which were also good. I would not seek it out but would go again if someone suggested it. Thanks again and happy new year!

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            Thanks for reporting back in (one of the defining definitions of a true CH). Truxton's is a place that Westchester was in need of, semi upscale dining without being too challenging in the food department. My only real miss here was going for Sunday brunch. Thought it was very, very average to sub par.

        2. Hum, went there once a while ago. Wasn't too favorably impressed with the food. I know people like to pan chain restaurants, but while the food wasn't bad, I don't see how it's any better than Cheesecake Factory.

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            Most of the food is mediocre...but the bistro salad with the pomegranate dressing is great if you are a salad lover. Also, the sweet potato fries are good...they are cut "skinny"...which is the way I like it.