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Dec 10, 2007 11:51 AM

New Years Near Charleston/Westerly Rhode Island

Looking for a good new years event in Rhode Island. We are located in Charlseton and want to do something nearby. We are considering going into Newport and going to Castle Hill but closer suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Looking for a decent dinner.

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  1. I'm I posting you a list of Restaurants in Westerly , which should give you some idea of whats available in the area. Maybe one of these might be something you are looking for. Hope this helps, Earle Ct.

    1. I really enjoy The Up River Cafe in Westerly.

      1. Westerly has a first night celebration. I've gone in years past - some good music. Not a bad way to go.

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          First Night in Westerly ( is a well done event. Top it off with a very comfortable meal at Shelter Harbor Inn ( on your way home. An even better way to go!

          Jerry Saywell

        2. I live near Westerly. For the past few years for New Years we go to town around 6:00 and see the festivities. We watch the fireworks (they have them at 7:00 and midnight) than we usually go back to my house and have a "food fest". I have to say, Westerly is not the greatest foodie spot (in our opinion) but a few favorites are Up Rive Cafe and Nichola"s. We also like Water Street Cafe, just over in Stonington.
          Newport also has great fireworks for New Years eve. We went one year and had a great time. We had dinner at Restaurant Bouchard, saw beautiful fireworks that went for cocktails at Spiced Pear. It is a far drive from Westerly, especially on New Years Eve.