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Dec 10, 2007 11:05 AM

Decent brunch buffet

I am looking for a good Sunday brunch buffet, DC or Bethesda area. It is a family celebration so want something nice. I don't know if there are any good ones around, there used to be lots of places out there but it has been a long time since. So any help, we all eat about anything and there are no children,

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  1. Georgia Browns has a good sunday brunch but you should def make reservations as they fill up quickly

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      Paper Moon in Georgetown has a nice classy but casual buffet. The dishes lean towards Mediterranean, eg hummus, salmon, stuffed grape leaves?, and make a nice change from the usual eggs, bacon, waffles American style. It's comfortable for groups of 2,4,6? not so sure about larger groups. You can ask.

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        Georgia Brown's has an excellent Sunday brunch buffett but you should know that it gets very crowded and very loud since it's one of the most popular brunch spots in town. If noise isn't an issue then this is the spot to go to.

        Does it have to be a buffet? If not let us know because I have some other great suggestions for you.

      2. Well, the one at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown on Sunday is quite fantastic and varied (inclusive of a bloodly Mary and complementary champagne). It's also quite expensive (at least when we went last January): $75 pp before tax and tip. To the extent that any brunch buffet is worth this kind of money (and I should add it's in their lovely dining room overlooking Rock Creek Park), this one is. GregJ

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          You could also have high tea at the Four Seasons, at a lower pp. :-)

        2. In Northern Virginia Liberty Tavern has a varied buffet (haven't been but it looked good), also in DC I think Charlie Palmer does a buffet brunch.

          1. I've really enjoyed the brunch buffet at Bambule in the Friendship Heights area, though I haven't been for a few years. It's extensive and reasonably priced, and we enjoyed the atmosphere and could comfortably linger, chat, and go back for more. And it's right by the metro station -- a definite plus for us.

            1. Two great places in DC: Peacock Cafe (but it gets crowded really quickly, especially on Sundays) and Creme (U Street). Not sure how big your party is - Peacock has plenty of speace, Creme is much smaller. Both are excellent!!!