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Dec 10, 2007 10:43 AM

New Rochelle / Wykagyl Area Delivery Options

I would appreciate some suggestions for delivery options to the Wykagyl area of New Rochelle for those times when one does not feel like driving. Anyone have any ideas other than my usual rotation of Red Lotus, Karuta, Lotus King, Hunan Ritz, Deanna's and Amore?

Would also like to hear from others who have had delivery from Hunan Ritz recently. I used to find it to be a decent local option, then it went downhill, then came back a little, then dipped again and I have avoided the place since.

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  1. Have you tried Gourmet Noodles? It's a few steps away from Hunan Ritz, and I think it's much better. All their noodle dishes are nice and fresh.

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      I've been wondering about Gourmet Noodles Juwee. We have a flyer/coupon thing and it seemed interesting but we are in Mamaroneck. Is it worth a drive over or only if we are in the neighborhood and is there anything in particular you'd recommend?

    2. Hunan Ritz is only bearable as take-out. The service is so rude and inconsistent (I always seem to get "Dragon Lady" as my waitress). The food itself has its ups and downs, sometimes within the same week. Anyway, since Crave Cave closed, your list pretty much covers it.

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      1. re: addictedtolunch

        Wow, sorry to hear that about Hunan Ritz, it used to be...albeit a long time ago...fairly good.

        newrotreats, does Maestro's deliver? I don't imagine there are very many decent places in NR that deliver.

        1. re: dolores

          Thanks for the suggestions. At least I know that I am not alone regarding Hunan Ritz. I tried Gourmet Noodles years ago when I first arrived in the neighborhood and did not enjoy that one experience at all. I will give it a try again this weekend. As for Maestro's, I go there fairly often but they still do not deliver. One recent find for those willing to drive - Roma in Tuckahoe near the Crestwood train station for great thin-crust pizza.

          1. re: newrotreats

            Roma's? Thanks for that. In return, try Racanelli's (when driving) in Rye Ridge. Also very good thin crust. You'd think this area would be up to its eyeballs in outstanding pizza, but it's not. And fuggehdabout Chinese food. With the departure of Hunan Village, this place is a wasteland, except for Bao's.

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              Roma's=good (sometimes really good) pizza, well meaning but really incompetent service. For a good "family restaurant" experience, if you've given up on take-out, drive a bit further to Carlos on Tuckahoe Road and Central Ave. (big lot in back).

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I wanted to provide an update to this thread because things are looking up for Wykagyl.

            I am a big fan of Quaker Ridge Pizzeria (near Food Emporium) which opened about six months ago. Great pizza, paninis, soups and salads.

            I also followed the advice of other posters and started frequenting Golden Rod for Chinese, which is very good and they deliver to Wykagyl.

            Le Herradera offers fairly decent Mexican food to the neighborhood. And we now have a health juice/shake place and a Kosher superette near Cosi, and a very recently opened panini deli where Subway was previously located. A yoghurt ice cream store is about to open next door to Starbucks.

            I am also a big fan of AJ's burgers, and they also deliver to Wykagyl.

            I tried Brickyard Bistro in February for dinner, and it was reasonably priced with friendly service but not very memorable. However, I recently visited again for brunch and both the food and the service were excellent. The menu was also very interesting, and I can't wait to go back.

            1. re: newrotreats

              I am curious, have you tried the new panini/deli where Subway used to be?

              Also very interested in the yogurt ice cream store next to Starbucks - do you have any scoop on that? Like when it will be open? thanks for sharing all this good news.

              1. re: lucialynn14

                I have not tried the deli, but I stepped inside to get a menu and was warmly greeted.

                The "scoop" on the ice cream store is that it is a Tasti-D-Lite franchise, and it looks to be opening soon.

          2. A new restaurant called "Jade Spoon" opened on Weaver Street on the New Rochelle/Scarsdale border and they say they deliver. Have not tried it yet.

            1. I'm not naming names, but I simply can't comprehend why someone would recommend a place 2 or 3 towns away. Nobody's given up on delivery and wants to drive to Rye -- if they did they would ask. Stick to the topic and push your favorite places in a new topic such as "Drive to Rye for take out because I don't know anything about where you live" or something like that.

              As for New Rochelle, try the Smokehouse Chili Grill just below Iona. They have a menu full of scrumptious choices for nights you want to kick back 914-813-8686. I have them on speed dial.

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              1. re: Skookie31

                Skookie31, sometimes, although it may be a bit off topic, people get ideas or trade ideas about other places that come to mind as enjoyable, tasty, favorite spots...whatever. The above individuals got into their own thing about thin-crust pizza in the area. What's the harm? I bet somebody reads it and finds it useful. As it happens, I live here in the Rye/Rye Brook area and I greatly dislike Raccanelli's and only eat there when I have no other choice.
                To Newrotreats, depending on where in New Ro you live, would any of the places in Mamk deliver? We like Haiku in Mamk for go to, in-the-mood for sushi without leaving home delivery.