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Need smoked whitefish salad shipped to Vancouver!

So I have a friend who is A.B.C. (American Born Chinese) who LOVES Jewish style smoked whitefish salad and he can't get it anywhere in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada. I've been looking and thought I'd found it, but they won't ship there. Does anyone know of a supplier who will help this starving Buddhist???? Please help!

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  1. Try Zabars and Russ and Daughters (both in NYC).....might as well send your friend the best

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      I did try Zabar's but they only ship in US. But I'll try Russ and Daughters....thanks so much!!!

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        that's another great suggestion

      2. I live in the US Virgin Islands and just found at our Cost-U-Less 2 lb tubs of SWS made by Acme Smoked Fish Co of Brooklyn NY, Cost-U-Less is part of Costco, do you have those in the Great White North, eh? This sald apparently keeps longer than the expensive deli made(has some presevative, must be refrigerated, but even after shipping to VI(probably at least 7day by ship I bought on May 7 with sell by date of May23, your other alternative is to order the smoked whitefish(keeps longer for shipping and make your own salad, I believe it is just mayo, mustard salt and sweetener, and probably everbody has their own proportions or additions. Acme is pretty good to keep up my habit, but the place where I got hooked in NE Philly-the Casino Deli makes a sald that schmeared on their fresh baked onion bagels is to die for-OY VEY! Good luck on your search

        1. Hey Marcy
          Lake Superior Fish Company sells Smoked Whitefish and i believe they can ship to Canada,eh. Google them and try it, from there you just have to experiment with the other ingredients, mayo, mustard white pepper, lemon juice to get the kind of spread desired, some recipes use cream cheese, but it is basically the smoked fish that makes the salad,your friend might even like the smoked fish on crackers better, brings back memories of picnics on the rocky shores of the Big lake, I'm going back this summer to eat some al fresco-Yum Great place for a vacation-the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota or the Apostle Islands in Northwest Wisconsin, Paradise North, lived there for 20 years before moving to Virgin Islands, America's Paradise

          1. Has your friend tried Kaplan's Deli in Vancouver? They have it listed "when available" on their menu.

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              They have some whitefish there now.

              5775 Oak Street, Vancouver
              Tel: 604-263-2625

              Kaplan's Deli Restaurant & Bakery
              5775 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M2V7, CA

            2. Hi Marcy,
              There is a company in Brooklyn , NY that has fabulous smoked whitefish salad and other lovely products. It is called Acme Fish Company. (shades of the Roadrunner, lol). They have a great website. I am looking into getting some shipped to me. Maybe if we can get a few people together to order some, it might reach the size of a store order.

              A Jew from Vancouver

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                MarcyD hasn't posted on CH since 2007.
                Maybe you could start a thread on the Vancouver Board?

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                  Costco sells Acme whitefish salad, at least they do in the Midwest and East Coast.

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                    Contact Costa's Foodmarket, Terrace Bay Ontario. ph 18078254501.
                    If they don't ship they can put in contact with some one who will. Keep it in Canada eh?
                    I bought ten pounds of smoked whitefish the last time we drove around the top end of Lk. Superior. It was absolutely delicious. So was the smoked pickerel.
                    I'm going to order about fifty pounds this fall and sell some to friends and family.

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                      Can you freeze the whitefish salad and for how long?

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                        It has mayonnaise and will likely not thaw well. If you really want whitefish salad then don't mess with it.

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                          So, that leaves me out of buying large quantities and freezing. I've just left an email with the Acme fish company . I'm hoping they can lead me to a closer retail outlet to me. I wouldn't mind going into Washington State and buying it, if it's available there.

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                            As I pointed out, Costco carries it in my area. You might want to check if they carry it in yours.

                            Just checked Acme's site and they identify Costco and some other stores in Washington.


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                              You want the best smoked white fish? Buy it where it's caught and smoked locally. That would be on the shores of Lake Superior.
                              Just saying.

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                                It's smoked white fish salad. It would be shame to adulterate the "best" with mayonnaise and such.

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                                  I don't care what they put in it at the Casino Deli in NE Philly, I'm going to be there in two weeks to get my smoked crack salad, the stuff is addictive. Hope to get up north to Bayfield Wisconsin and get some smoked fish there too, they have nice little smokehouse run by the fisshermen and their families.

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                                    I'm glad this post is still going 6 years later

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                                Metropolitan Market in Seattle carries Acme whitefish year-round. Nobody else seemed to have it when I called around.

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                                  They also sell it under the Blue Hill Bay label, so you might want to ask for that.