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Dec 10, 2007 10:15 AM

Wine Recommendation - NJ or PA distributors [Moved from Pennsylvania board]

I'm trying to find a decent, respectable wine to give my boss as a holiday gift. Unfortunately, I am young, fresh out of college, and will gladly take a nice fountain coke over a bottle of wine on any given day. Sorry if this is offensive to any of the chowhounders out there.

If you guys have any good suggestions in the $30 range, please let me know. I know absolutely nothing about fine wine, or wine in general, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. There's nothing offensive at all about your query. However, it is soooooooooooooo broad as to be extremely difficult to answer.

    Red? White? Rose? Sparkling? Fortified? other types?

    Dry? Off-dry? Sweet? REALLY sweet? something else?

    California? Washington? Oregon? Pennsylvania? other states?

    France? Germany? Italy? Spain? Portugal? Germany? Austria? Hungary? Greece? other European countries?

    Canada? Chile? Argentina? Uraguay? Brazil? Australia? New Zealand? Israel? Lebanon? elsewhere in the world?

    If you can narrow this down a bit . . . recommendations will come flooding in.

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      To everyone - thanks for all this good advice. I think sparkling wine is the way to go. Last year I got my boss a bottle of port wine by Graham - only b/c that also happens to be my boss's name. Yes, I thought that was cute.

    2. I agree with Zin1953 that having more information would be helpful. However, since its the holidays I don't think you can go wrong with Champagne or Sparkling wine.

      So you could try :
      Paul Goerg Brut Tradition NV Champagne - which is a dry French Champagne

      Roederer Estate Brut Estate Anderson Valley NV - Dry California Sparking Wine

      Schramsberg Cremant Sparkling Wine - Made in California it is demi-sec and has a hint of sweetness (always a crowd favorite)

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      1. re: Scott M

        I second Scott M. You can't go wrong here. Roederer is a great choice. Mumm Napa makes a great sparkler as well...

      2. Where are you based, exactly? Your choices, especially if you're in the PA/Philly area, are going to be extremely limited, though there is always the option of running over to the NJ/NY border and asking a Moore Bros associate to help you pick out a bottle.

        1. Considering the holidays, Champagne or sparkling white wine would be a nice choice. I personally enjoy varieties by Veuve Clicquot (and they have a good reputation too).

          1. For under $30, your money is going to go further with a great German riesling than just about any other varietal. It has the added advantage of being very newbie proof, you just can't go wrong....

            Ask your wine vendor(s) for the best bottle of riesling they can give you in your price range from the 2001, 2004, or 2005 vintage in the Mosel region of Germany.