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Dec 10, 2007 09:56 AM

Business Lunch near NYSE

Will be there on Friday, 12/14 and need to take a client to lunch who works at NYSE. Need to walk to nice restaurant...any suggestions?

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  1. Harry's at Hanover, hands down!

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    1. re: BernieMSY

      I don't think he can walk that far, and doesn't want a cab. Is there something closer?

      1. re: deniceyy

        Harry's is 2 1/2 blocks from the trading floor.

        1. re: BernieMSY

          I agree with Harry's. Bobby Vans is closer but Harry's is better.

      1. re: harrison

        bobby vans is indeed the "unofficial" business lunch place for a lot of inancial people. If you can go a bit futher, Mark Joseph at the seaport is also a new steakhouse.

      2. Bull Run - 52 William St. About 2 blocks from NYSE.

        1. w/in walking distance is Ise Japanese Restaurant, 56 Pine St Btwn Pearl & William Sts
          Phone: 212-785-1600
          Great lunch deals...

          Enjoy your lunch wherever you decide to go with your client!