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Dec 10, 2007 09:51 AM

cinnamon-raisin bread in boerum/cobble?

I like the cinnamon-raisin bread at Fairway, but can't get there regularly. I have run out of my freezer stash. Is there anything similar at any of the boerum/carroll/cobble neighborhood bakeries? I haven't noticed anything & I buy my everyday sandwich bread in the 'hood every week. TIA.

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  1. i believe mazzolas (corner of henry & union) has cinnamon-raisin bread. if not, they certainly have an amazing choice of other breads.

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      Have you tried CAPUTO'S Bake Shop on Court? (Not Caputo's specialty foods)

    2. I highly recommend Mazzolas -- their cinnamon-raisin bread is fantastic. Freezes really well and is superb toasted as well as plain.