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Dec 10, 2007 09:33 AM

Union Square..salad greens???

After having resisted them for so long due to what I consider an exhorbitant price, I bought my first batch of Windfall Farms baby greens and young sprouts last week. The resulting salad was heavenly. But at $12 per quarter pound for most of the varieties, I would expect greatness. I am sure that they are extremely labor intensive and low yielding, so the price is probably fair...

I am mostly curious: Do "regular" people (apart from restaurants) buy these often?
Do you mix with other greens to stretch the salad and if so, which greens? From which vendors? What other sources do you like, either at the market, or in Manhattan shops?

Now that I am accustomed to greenmarket salads, it is difficult to go back to the generic mesclun sold in the large groceries...

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  1. Those are the winter prices when almost everything has to be grown indoors. Spring/Summer/Fall is more reasonable, and, believe it or not, the greens are better! Also, I find Windfall's stuff lasts much longer w/o going bad....

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      Thank you for clarifying about the prices..I thought they had just raised them and did not realize about the seasonality issue.. I have noticed that the greens from some vendors last much longer than from others.. Those Windfall baby greens are is just that a salad for one costs about $10!!