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Dec 10, 2007 09:25 AM

Restaurant near the Pantages - Sat night

We have tickets to see Wicked Saturday night. We will be coming in to town on the Metrolink. Is there any place near by that you would recommend for dinner? We would have to have reservations at about 7:00PM.

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  1. If you like Japanese food and don't mind spending a few bucks Katsuya is around the corner from the Pantages (on Vine, West side just south of Hollywood Blvd.).

    It's a beautiful place and we enjoyed our meal there when we went to Wicked in October. Not cheap, make reservations and you'll have a nice short walk to the theatre.

    Great drinks too, if you can do that and stay awake during the show. (Great show, too).

    1. Ditto on Pantages, but if that's not your cup of tea, I think H'wood & Highland is still doing the dinner/shuttle thing there. You could eat at Vert, park there and take their shuttle. Enjoy! It's a fun show.

      1. I second Katsu-ya.
        6300 Hollywood Blvd
        LA, CA 90028
        (323) 871-8777

        Lucky Devils (mmmm upscale burger)
        6613 Hollywood Blvd
        LA, CA 90028
        (323) 465-8259

        Kung Pao Kitty
        6445 Hollywood Blvd
        LA, CA 90028
        (323) 465-0110

        If you DO traverse to the (ugly) behometh that is Hollywood and Highland, Koji's shabu shabu isn't bad
        6801 Hollywood Blvd
        LA, CA 90028
        (323) 871-0200

        afterward you could grab some sugar shock at Bear Papas downstairs...

        6801 Hollywood Blvd
        LA, CA 90028
        (323) 462-6100

        1. A couple of blocks away on Sunset is Fabiolus, which we've enjoyed.

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            I'll second the Fabiolus recommendation as we were just there for dinner ourselves after a Wicked matinee on Saturday. It was a windy, chilly three block walk from the Pantages, but inside the restaurant was warm, brightly lit, welcoming and suprisingly active for slightly after 5 PM. I had the salad with mozzarella, avocado, arugula and lemon vinaigrette, which I really liked and then had the tagliatelle bolognese which I thought was excellent. My kids shared the penne in a mild vodka tomato sauce, also good, mom had the spinach ravioli which she liked, though it came out cold (all other dishes came out hot, except the salad) and my partner had fusilli with greens and mushrooms in a cream sauce.

            The place reminds me of Intermezzo (is that place even still there?) on Melrose: a casual, fun Italian place with food that is fresh and well made. Priced very moderately. Also had a couple glasses of decent Chianti.

          2. The only new restaurant near Pantages is Katsuya. All others are pretty much covered on old threads:


            Fabiolus even has a shuttle to take people from the restaurant to the theater, so that's something to consider. But every restaurant in the area should be well-versed in keeping the theater crowd happy. The only spot that I would hesitate to recommend is Hungry Cat because, with their re-opening this week, I'm not sure if the timing would work unless you got to Hollywood earlier.