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Dec 10, 2007 09:00 AM

Christmas Day in Nashville, TN??

I'm visiting Nashville this Christmas with my mom and was wondering if anyone knows which restaurants will be open on Christmas day, or where I could find that information short of calling all over town.

We did Opryland's Christmas buffet a few years ago and were really disappointed - looking for other suggestions. Doesn't have to be fancy and we're open to ethnic cuisines.



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  1. Yikes, unfortunately most of the better restaurants (Radius 10, Flyte, Germantown Cafe, Park Cafe) are all more than likely closed. It's hard to find a restaurant open on July 4 around here, much less Christmas. I would suggest the Capitol Grille at the Hermitage Hotel downtown. It's 100% times better than a buffet Opryland. Very pretty, historical building and a first rate restaurant in its own rite but since it is part of the hotel, I think it would be open. There is also a new restaurant located within Union Station Hotel called Prime 108. I haven't yet been but maybe there is a review on the boards. Good luck and let us know where you end up!

    1. I think you're gonna be eating Chinese, buddy...

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        Ugh, even for Christmas, don't eat Chinese food in Nashville. It's dreadful! We always eat Korean food for Christmas.

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          Are the Korean places open on Christmas? If so, that's not a bad idea.

          1. re: jamiecarroll

            Koreana always is. It's the Korean restaurant closest to me, so I have never bothered checking further than that.

            1. re: nm1

              Koreana is a great idea. I've never been there but have heard good things (I used to live in Nashville) and I love Asian food. Unfortunatley, my mom isn't much of a foodie and I'll have to eat at least one meal at the Green Hills Mall Cheesecake Factory during the trip....ugh.

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                There is a piece on the Nashville Scene's food blog today about what some of the area hotels are serving for Christmas:


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            i second what nm1 says. i have not been able to find good chinese food here in nashville. another korean restaurant you may want to check out is Tofu House in south Nashville. not sure if it is open on Christmas though...

            1. re: asiangirl

              Shanghai cafe in Nolensville gave us respectable, authentic fare for a little while there, but it just wasn't meant to be I suppose. My girlfriend's family has a tradition of eating a Christmas morning breakfast at Waffle House, and while it is greasy and smoky at least there someone is cooking your food in front of your eyes and especially for you, unlike a buffet.

              1. re: notgreg

                The problem for Shanghai Café, if I understood the staff correctly, was that the building they were in had been sold and the new owner wanted all the tenants out. They said they were trying to find another place to set up operations, and would advertise in the "American newspapers" when they did.

                1. re: nm1

                  oh that's relatively good news. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

                  1. re: notgreg

                    Eh, I didn't get the impression that it was going to be 'sooner.' But they obviously knew they had a good place there, and wanted to keep going with it.

        2. Hey I live in Nashville and with much emailing and calling around i discovered that The Nashville Airport Marriott hotel off Briley Parkway and Elm Hill Pike on Marriott Drive is serving family style Christmas dinner from 10:30 a.m to 2 p.m. Phone number 615-889-9300. What it is like I don't know. Just that they are serving Ham and Turkey and it's family style in the grill. The cost is $19 each which is better than Opryland Hotel's whopping $40 each (typical Gaylord). I was going to go with a friend but we have decided to just do something small here at my place with a turkey breast, but at least there is one other place besides Opryland serving Christmas meal that day and you don't have to just get Asian food If you are ever in Nashville for Thanksgiving, in the same area the Holiday Inn Select on Elm Hill Pike right off Briley Parkway has a GREAT Thanksgiving buffet for under $20 each with ham and turkey, all the fixings, mac and cheese, many dessert choices, salad, etc. That is where I went this year. Unfortunately they don't have the same for Christmas.

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            We are staying at opryland for Xmas also. I actually booked at Capitol Grill in hermitage hotel. Most of the reviews were positive. Once I pulled the menu, the family decided the food was too gourmet I cancelled......Back to square one. Anybody know of any family style or buffets near by? We have a rental car.

            1. re: Daviwa

              Try Monell's its amazing! Family style, all you can eat. You won't regret it! Merry Christmas!