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Dec 10, 2007 09:00 AM

Lunch eats in Jefferson City,MO, near Capitol?

I'll be in Jeff City this week for a training, just down the block from the Capitol. We have a short lunch break, about an hour, so I'm seeking suggestions for lunch in the area. Any don't miss places to go? There will be a small group of us, three or four. I'd rather avoid fast food chains if we can. We are an eclectic group and are open to trying more than just burger and fry places.

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  1. There is a nice Cuban restaurant in Fulton. Obviously too far for lunch, but it would be a possibility for dinner.

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      What's deal on this Cuban restaurant in Fulton?

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        Vila's is located in one of those places where a former store has been turned into a "mini-mall". The restaurant is in the back of the mini-mall. It is clean, the people are pleasant. I stopped in for a dessert and enjoyed it.

        IF YOU GO
        Where: 529 Court St., Fulton

        When: Open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

        Cost: Entrees and sandwiches range from $3.95 to $19.95.

        Contact: 573-642-8444

        Daily specials include yellow rice with chicken, boliche (roast eye of round), tostones (flattened fried plaintains), picadillo (ground beef), moros (black beans with rice) and other dishes.

        Credit cards accepted

    2. In downtown Jefferson City, Arris' Pizza is a popular place. They have a great lunch buffet. Thin crust pizza. Salad, etc. It's a "greek style" pizza place. It's on High Street, within walking distance from the capitol.

      Madison's is also a popular place for lunch ( It's Italian and they have pretty good lunch specials. It's on Madison Street, w/i walking distance to the capitol. You can usually get in and out within an hour,.

      The Coffee Zone is primarily a coffee place, but they also do hummus, gyros, spanakopita. It's also on High Street.

      I've also grabbed lunch at Cafe Via Roma, a sandwich, soup, salad joint on High Street, just down from Arris. And I have a foodie coworker who loves Capitol City steakhouse, although I've never eaten there.

      1. There is also a new Mexican place on Madison, two new coffee shops (which I think have food) on High Street, and a Korean restaurant that I've only heard a so-so review of. If I had to recommend just a couple, I would pick Cafe Via Roma and Coffee Zone.

        I have not always had good luck getting in and out of Madisons in a normal lunch hour.

        Also, Chez Monet has a very nice lunch on High Street, same block as Coffee Zone. I'd recommend it as well.

        1. I just remembered a couple more spots for the list. Now, these are across Hwy 50 from the Capitol complex, so you may not want to try them, but they are fun places. First, Zesto for their homemade tamale, Polish sausage sandwich, and country ham sandwich. Nothing fancy, but the chili's good, too! And then 3-1-9 Grill at the Hotel DeVille. They have a very nice menu for lunch and dinner!

          1. Well, the weather is not great for a hike up and down the hill and across Hwy. 50, but you need to visit Central Dairy for some ice cream. I never leave town without it, and have been known to make a lunch of it. Anyone who travels with me to Jeff City is put on notice that a stop there is mandatory before we head back to St.Louis.
            Enjoy, p.j.