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Dec 10, 2007 08:34 AM

UES Indian

any good indian places near yorkville (york and 86th)? bonus if dishes are fairly authentic but the spice can be toned down a little...

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  1. This thread might help - haven't tried the place yet though:

    1. a little ways away from 86th and york, but Tamarind on 95th and 3rd might be good for you because its spicing is definitely on the mild side. I find it bland as a result, but it may work for you.

      1. Dakshin-i think they have the most delicious tandoori chicken around-hole in wall but great food-buffet style at lunch. A very good place to eat-I love it.

        1. I agree with the previous posters on Dakshin and Tamarind: both are good choices. Chennai on 1st Ave. between 86th and 87th should get a mention as well for vegetarian South Indian.