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Dec 10, 2007 08:32 AM

UES Sushi

what are the best places for affordable sushi near east 86th street? we've tried a bunch (and pretty disappointed by the price/value - crappy sushi, not cheap!)... and we've only liked sushi suki (york btwn 83/84 - incidently, will never understand why people pack into the mediocre places and ignore this one) - are there any other gems out there?

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  1. Have you tried Ichi Ro? We like Inase, but it always ends up being quite expensive, and they've been having service issues of late.

    Not a fan of Ooki, or Tenzan.

    1. Have you been to Gajyumaru on 1st just above 86th?


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        That's one I keep meaning to try. Ichi Ro isn't the greatest sushi in the world, but the fish is always decent and we manage to eat there for under $100 (well, a little more w/ tip), including alcohol, which is a minor miracle for us.

        Also tried Isohama, since it's nearer to us than the others, but it was pretty eh.

      2. have you tried Poke? its cheap at least, a little overrated for what it is but not bad, 85th between 2nd and 1st. I agree Ichiro is decent value. Sachi on 95th and Madison is ok too although a little on the pricey side. Gaiyumaru is a little pricey too but not bad either. Hokkaido on 2nd and 95th is OK although not as good as the others mentioned.

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          We tried Sachi about four years ago when we first moved into the immediate neighborhood and thought it was just ok - any reason to try it again (given that it's about two blocks from our apt.)? I was a real naysayer about Poke in its old location, but in the new one - which is also much prettier - we enjoyed the rolls, though the sashimi was not so great, I thought - warm and mushy. Does have the BYOB bonus, though cash only. Sounds like it's not worth trying Hokkaido ....